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SS Kratzchen

Article about: I had thought that said object was outed as a fake. In 1933 such as it was, the runes were not yet in use in black peaked caps, this feature having been introduced later, I think.....with go

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    Spent some more time researching Kraetzchen muetzen today.
    One other black one with a Wasserdicht type lining was posted on WAF in 2007 but only one photo remains. It was on ebay at the time and advertised as being attributed to Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr. 2. (photo below)
    From what I can gather, this Reg. was the only one to wear "black on black" hats and they all had 3 rows of white piping. For the record, Leib-Husaren-Reg. Nr. 1 wore black hats with red centre bands and Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regt. Nr.17 wore black hats with red centre bands and yellow piping.
    I also considered the fact that in the 1930's reproduction Imperial hats were being made for collectors/re-enactors but why make a black on black Kraetzchen with only 2 rows of white piping?
    If it is a fake cap, M & G Gompertz is a very very obscure firm to choose to mark it with. I'd never heard of it before and THE only result I could find of any kind on the internet is the advertising label thingybob. The Albert Gompertz named firm resulted in rather more hits. The family history has been well documented by the family and can be found here.
    GELSENZENTRUM Gelsenkirchen - Memoirs of Albert Gompertz
    However, never once does it mention "M & G" Gompertz but when you dig a little, Albert was the father who founded the firm and one of the sons was named Max.
    Albert died in 1920 so it would seem logical that anything marked M & G would have been supplied after this date, therefore long after the Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr. 2. phased out the black uniform and changed to feldgrau in around 1913/14.
    I could be barking up the wrong tree here of cours and perhaps there was another Gompertz firm of hatters in Krefeld around the same exact period but I doubt it.

    I'm inclined to give this Kraetzchen more time than all the rest I've seen so far despite the dubious VA SS stamp.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Kratzchen  
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    Very interesting and thoughtful analysis. Imperial headgear was made in the III. Reich for the purposes of ceremonies to maintain the lineage and honors of the old armies, and because certain veterans were entitled to wear their original uniforms, i.e. von Mackensen.
    Thank you for your diligence.
    damit, basta.

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    Ben, great research. F-B, I agree, KR headgear was made during the TR (and even into the 50's and 60's specically for Veterans of the Great War, not collectors).
    I am no Husaren expert, but every KR Kratzchen I have seen in pics and in person had the three rings of piping. I also have trouble getting past the idea of the SS contracting with the Gompertz firm for the reasons I stated supra.

    It does appear to be original in the sense that it is pre-war, but for what purpose? In any event, these Kratzchens have proven more interesting of late....

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    SS KratzchenJewish owned firms did continue to provide the NSDAP with uniforms for awhile, not the least when such firms employed a large number of members of the NSDAP. I have seen numerous statements to this effect in sources not used by people on such sites as this, in fact. Such ran counter to the rules of the RZM, of course, but you have only to read the RZM circulars to realize that non compliance with such rules was hardly a rarity, at least in the years 1934-1935 from what I have read.

    In any case, the III. Reich included endless examples of such use of old uniforms in a variety of ways.
    I still cannot believe that the stamp is authentic, and I have much pictorial and actual examples upon which I base my assessment.
    Mr. d'Alquen has his cap with the peak to add to this analysis.
    In any case, thanks to Ben for his tireless hunt and putting the pieces of the mosaic together.
    For instance, this cap now in my property was contracted by the SS Gruppe West directly with some cap factory. It was process later forbidden as standardization took hold. I imagine that the Kraetzschen was procured in a decentralized, ad hoc way in the years 1933-1934.
    damit, basta.

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    Just came across this Kratzchen up on fleabay. Showed them to a well respected member on this forum and he confirmed my suspicions that it is a fake. Here's a few pics for reference.SS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS Kratzchen

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    SS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSS KratzchenSuitable for use as an ash tray, whereby it will likely catch fire, a fitting end for such a hunk of junk.

    This whole SS Kraetzchen thing is a total waste of time, save from looking at historical pictures. d'Alquen has a field cap with the peak somewhere. I imagine the bulk of these real caps got made into rags at some point, which is true for most SS uniforms, truth be told.
    If you look at the marvelous film in You Tube, Berlin: Symfonie einer Grossstadt from the year 1927, you will see that almost everyone wears a hat or a cap. Where are all of these today?
    How were they made? Riddles in enigmas, but to be sure, the bulk of things we see in this connection are likely a pile of dung. Ben's example is interesting, but it is difficult to establish an SS connection, I think.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Suitable for use as an ash tray, whereby it will likely catch fire, a fitting end for such a hunk of junk.
    Too funny...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Kratzchen  

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    Default Re: SS Kratzchen

    @ FB: I always see a lot of pictures of your visors and uniforms which I always enjoy,
    but why are there sometimes other pictures that you post that have nothing to do with SS?
    Is it some sort of bug or so? :-) (it are nice pics tough...)


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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Attachment 270665Attachment 270666Attachment 270667Attachment 270668What you don't say..... Essenfassen is less a place than an activity, as it were, ergo the bowls under the arm.
    Why these pics?????


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    The other pictures illustrate in allegory aspects of collecting.
    Besides, images of SS uniforms become all the same after awhile.

    Mollo made a mistake in that he entitled the place where the picture of the SS recruits with their bowls was named Essenfassen, whereas Essenfassen in military jargon means to stand in the slop line.
    My images are of food in Vienna, as in go get chow or whatever.
    Cafe Sperl was Hitler's favorite cafe in Vienna and it still stands.
    Granted the burden I bear here, in dealing with much of what unfolds here with more patience than shown by most, I think such pictures enliven things, really.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: SS Kratzchen

    I enjoy FB's montages, the forum would be a duller place without them.

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