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SS Pz. M43 one-button can "Michael Wittmann-style"

Article about: I want to show my rare Panzer Ss cap. It is the one-button style like Michael Wittmann had. Thanks for looking.

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    William it's in beautiful condition because it's not that old.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The other thread here has been so contentious and its not even a fake good enough to warrant a good donnybrook.

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    I just noticed the other thread, pardon my error. But yes I agree this one has issues and would not be for me.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    I just noticed the other thread, pardon my error. But yes I agree this one has issues and would not be for me.
    Words of wisdom from a collector who has spent a very long time assessing SS headgear.


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    your friend Krisse asked you to tell this? nice an fair.
    Kind Regards,

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    Ehm Sid, no I didn't. But what you ask me to do is to send the cap to Weitze because he's the only dealer you recognize.
    All opinions on this and the other forum are nonsens then???

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    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    your friend Krisse asked you to tell this? nice an fair.
    Sid I have no clue who you are and couldn't recognize Krisse if he were standing next to me. I am nobodies attack dog and don't go posting in threads because people ask me to. I post at my own whim and will call them like I see them, for better or worse. For evidence of this, ask yourself why the Discussions section has been temporarily shut down.

    I made a comment after reading the thread on GHW2 which had a link to this thread. I agree with the assessment that the cap is postwar with real insignia applied and stated reasons as such, sorry if that twists you the wrong way. I made my commentary based upon photos provided on GHW2 not here and the discussion that ensued there among very knowledgable and respected collectors who don't typically post here.

    I also highly respect Ben's commentary and accept that I may be incorrect, but if you want everyone to line up and say what a great cap then perhaps you should not have posted it.

    As you will not refund Krisse for the cap which he is not comfortable with, perhaps other buyers of militaria will know to avoid you as a seller of such as you will not grant a buyer the opportunity to discuss the cap and ask for a refund shortly after buying it. You sir, are why people get frustrated with the hobby and leave it.

    If you are so cock-sure the cap is real, refund Krisse and sell it to someone who agrees with your opinion and let Krisse go about his merry way.

    Now if you will excuse me I will try to accomplish something with my time than waste it in this thread.


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    This appears to be an item that can only be judged in hand as from the images, there is a split opinion on the piece. Photos can be accurate and they can also be decieving. As doug said, I also now bid adieu to this thread as nothing further will be acomplished here.


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    & on that note, its going to the authentication forum....

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    No that is not what I said, the sudden opinions that came with yours is a pretty good timing I must say.
    Kind Regards,

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