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Swiss or german/austrian visor cap?

Article about: Hello Guys! I bought this cap today. The cocade and the badge shows swiss qualities, but inside it exactly looks like a WWII german cap (visor is light brown and the liner band is leather).

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    Swiss or german/austrian visor cap?
    Quote by thecyclist64 View Post
    Einige von uns aus england koennen schon Deutsch sprechen
    und einige von uns aus sonstwo koennen es wohl aber auch....

    I am pretty adamant about being multi lingual, especially nowadays when the know nothings are on the march.

    If you want success as a collector of German/Austrian regalia, a major step in that direction lies in being multi lingual.

    Many of us spend a lot of time helping people prepared to spend many thousands of dollars in order to make mistakes

    with fakes, where glaring errors of language, etc. bespeak a painful trap.

    Moreover, I was subjected to great guff on other websites from gun show heroes and website authors of twelve step check lists to the effect that English speakers
    and especially my fellow USA persons had no need to learn a foreign language.

    It is a despicable attitude.
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    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement Swiss or german/austrian visor cap?
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    F.B.: "Leiwond!" To spare all the non Germanophones some work: dictionary :: leiwand :: German-English translation
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    Here is a list I am trying to memorize.

    Bist’ deppat! = Bist du dumm
    Leck mi am oasch!= Leck mich am Hintern
    Brauchst a poa Watschn? = Brauchst du ein paar Ohrfeigen
    Hau di üba d’ Heisa! = Wirf dich über die Häuser
    Heast Gschissana! = Pass auf, du Idiot
    Gusch, sunst boschts! = Sei ruhig, sonst verpass ich dir eine
    Homs da ins Hian gschissn? = Haben sie den Darm in deinem Hirn entleert
    Blos ma’n Bock auf! = Blas mir den Schuh auf
    Rutsch ma’n Buggl owe! = Rutsch mir den Buckel herunter
    Du Fetznschädl du deppata! = Du Lumpenkopf du blöder
    Wüst an Tschuck aufs Aug? = Soll ich dir ein blaues Auge verpassen
    Schbü Schas und vaduft! = Spiele Darmwind und verschwinde
    damit, basta.

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    Thank you, dear friend, all very useful.
    damit, basta.

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    In order to come back to the topic and to show that Austria is not only made up of grenzdebilen people using bad language two examples of Austrian Imperial tradition (of the late 20th and early 21rst century!) with lots of historic and topical caps and uniforms: etc. etc.
    Where else in the world is something like this possible - the official Austrian army wearing mournig bands? (These are the funerals of the former empress of Austria-Hungaria and her son - he has never been emperor! - despite the fact that Austria has been a democracy since 1918 - apart from the period of 1938 - 1945! and that the Habsburgs were actually banned from Austria - F.-B. will correct me if I'm wrong)

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    Thank you, Wolfgang. Here is a nice video very much of its own merits, but also because the empress represents such a contrast to the deepening hole of mass politics in
    our very own world.
    damit, basta.

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    Swiss or german/austrian visor cap?Swiss or german/austrian visor cap?Wolfgang is completely correct about the cult of Habsburg since 1918, of which I confess to being guilty.

    Austria is a Republic, although, perhaps, its fate might have been different had it ended up more like the Netherlands or Denmark as a constitutional monarchy
    on a more Anglo Saxon pattern--but such a counter factual thesis does not stand up to the actual record of the past.

    In general, much of continental Europe has deserved in modern history a better fate than imparted it in the epoch of total war.
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    damit, basta.

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    The image above is of the center of Potsdam, but it is emblematic of the story.
    damit, basta.

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    from the moment it says WIEN, it must be Austria, as Vienna is the Capital City of Österreich.
    And its NOT a swiss flag even thou it does keep some resemblance. But the swiss cross does not extend thru the whole red field.. Look at some swiss flag and you´ll see what i mean..

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