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What is this cap I've just bought?

Article about: Never seen one like it before but it seems authentic. Price was reasonable and the condition is good so what the hell, I bought it. Chris will probably know what it is!

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    I was going to say Weimer Police of some kind has a Forestry color but the blue piping threw me off on that one. Seems like I seen something similar on Kaiser's Bunker website. Nice cap anyway and I am sure it is original without question. timothy

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    Circuit advertisement What is this cap I've just bought?
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    Is the piping then for an area or region if it were for police?

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    I would tend to agree about police connections ,possibly a membership cap to the Blue Oyster bar owned by Herr Offizier Von Mahoney

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    I've posted it here as well for some more exposure:

    Unknown Polizei Visor on Ebay - Militaria Forums

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    I tried to find out, but nothing. May thoughts are for Strassenbahn- or Kraftomnibus-concerns
    (street cars and busses), as there are many things possible. Especially with color combinations
    for the headgear: blue with red piping (which is often used), but also bright-blue with green
    piping, darkgrey with dark-green piping; grey with crimson piping, grey with ligh-blue piping, black
    with red piping and so on. Until early in the war there were no unified uniforms at all. It then started
    for larger cities.
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    Thanks for your research, looks like it will remain a mystery hat for the time being.

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    This hat arrived last week but I've only just had the chance to inspect it.

    Interesting/mundane 1937 utility invoice folded and tucked under the sweatband!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What is this cap I've just bought?  

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    A nice little freebee all the same!..
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    Just noticed the plastic bag it came in.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What is this cap I've just bought?  

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    Really neat Ben though it would have been neater had it been the receipt for the mysterious cap! A common practice to achieve a little better fit....have seen it in hats and helmets.

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