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WWII period Artillery cap? Nice looking cap, decent pics.

Article about: This one looks good, but of course, so do many repros or post war reworks... Any input on this one appreciated, not holding my breath (dubious in fact), but hopeful. Thx in advance ;-)

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    The beginner can aid the task by making a catalog of questions. The burden cannot all be on the handful of people here who have done all the work, and Mr. Mint
    has done far more than I with what is an encyclopaedia of caps in a shape and size that beggars the imagination. And it is found in no book of which I am aware.
    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement WWII period Artillery cap? Nice looking cap, decent pics.
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    I am aware of this, and do use the internet to find information (and of course rely heavily on this forum daily for information), sometimes to the point that if affects my life, the other things I'm supposed to do... I understand the level of expertise where you can make instant judgement about items, and appreciate the profound knowledge and access to reference materials that many members here seem to possess. I even appreciate your abstract 12 steps pictures of trying to make easy mistakes in collecting ;-)

    Mine is probably the dilemma of many collectors, I can only handle so much information, or I simply (in the case of caps) can't find the info that I can use most at this level. I am not trying to be a headgear collector, one good item will suffice me.

    Then again, there are many other items I'm also looking for a representative item of, so this studying has to be multiplied by many different items across the board, field gear, edged weapons, etc, etc, and also spend much time reading, learning more about the war itself, and history in general.

    I feel myself struggling with each item, maybe because I don't have an endless supply of money, so this is kind of a poor man's struggle. I think if you have a lot of money to spend, you can put yourself in the hands of other experts, buy known good items without a whole lot of research but the assurance that the items are good. Trading in caps at the $10,000 level might be a safer bet than the lowly $500-$1000 level. Of course, the level of subterfuge goes up with money values, but you are also dealing with very advanced collectors most of whom will be very knowledgable and trustworthy.
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    Our goal here is to share knowledge. The fact that the world is seized of inequality is familiar to most people and really is not the question here, or, surely is not a question I wish to delve into in this inquiry. Some of us share what we know, and get precious little benefit in return. Others might put a price tag on it, but I shall not here.
    Good luck. No one requires me to share images of my collection, and no one requires me to share fifty plus years of experience. If such knowledge and experience are more of a hindrance than an aid to you, then the alternative is plain enough.
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    damit, basta.

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    Like I've said many times, I appreciate your contributions and your wealth of knowledge. Same goes for all the longtime collectors here.

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    Cap just ended @ $326.57, 12 bids form people who don't belong to this great forum.

    I have an interesting German Hat for sale. It was worn by Wehrmacht officer during the WW2. Hat is in good used condition with visible usage signs. Please have a look at the photos for more information. Thank you for your time.
    WW2 Geman Wehrmacht Officer Hat | eBay

    Seller is in Hannover, Germany. Has an SS jacket up right now, 48 bids and it looks like a stinker. F-B could look but I'm afraid his eyes would hurt...

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    a modern reenactor's special worth about one hundred bucks US cash money. Pfui.
    damit, basta.

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    I guess ignorance is bliss, for the sellers pocketbook...

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