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3 U.S. Navy Officer visor caps from yard sale, need help identifying

Article about: Above are the 3 seperate visors and each are a little different from the others. They are all missing the cloth top parts as you can see. The first has the bullions insignia and oak leaves o

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    Hi Ocad, Thank you for your message and support. I have taken photos of some caps for you to view. I believe them to be originals and not repros and as you can see all of the eagles vary as I would expect from private purchase insignia. I do not recall seeing embroidered devices in any of the Base Exchanges that I visited back in the 90's. Their stock only covered standard AFES pattern insignia. It could be possible that embroidered badges were phased out at some time then reintroduced at a later date but I do not know nor can I imagine why??? Your comments and observations are welcome.

    Cheers Michael R

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	P1080473.jpg 
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    The photos show:

    1. USAF male Field Grade male cap centre and female lower right both with variation embroidered cap devices.
    2. Ditto different angle.
    3. USN male Flag Officer cap upper right and female Captain/Commander lower left. Note also the variation in the band embelishment on the two female hats.
    4. PHS male Officer cap cap centre right and female Captain/Commander centre left. Again both items vary considderably indicating to me private purchase items.
    5. Three USCG femail Auxilliary Captain/Commander hats. Although the variations in the cap devices are relatvely minor, they are still there.
    6. USAF Officer cap with unusual device? I have no idea what it is??? Do you??

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    Wow, impressive collection! I've had some with embroidered eagles before, and most were private purchase direct from maker/tailor, and some may be overseas made. My own father had a beautiful US Air Force officers that was tailor made in Saigon in 1969, and I've seen/had several made in Taiwan
    in the past. Super collection though.

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    Hi Johnny Red, Thank you for your kind comments. I went after a US Army officer's cap made in Saigon but missed it however I did win a nice white officer's jacket also made in Saigon. If your Dad wants to sell it, please let me know. I have US caps made all over the place but mostly in the US.
    Cheers Michael R

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    My father passed away back in 1985, he was just worn out after serving in three wars. I think my brother or sister have all his old uniforms, and if I can get some photos of the hat I can send them to you if interested. I doubt we'll sell any of his stuff though. Another neat piece (that I do have) is a Vietnamese tailors 'sample' display of hand embroidered US medal ribbons and badges on a big piece of silk. That's framed and hanging on the wall. Never seen another like it.

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    Hi Again, Yes, it would be nice to see your Dad's stuff and the sample please. Which wars were they, WWII, Korea and Vietnam??
    Cheers Michael

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