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Approximate date on a Compton Webb beret

Article about: Anyone know approximately when this was made?

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    Default Approximate date on a Compton Webb beret

    Anyone know approximately when this was made?
    Attached Images Attached Images Approximate date on a Compton Webb beret 
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    Original WWII red berets cost at least 600, most start at about 800 and upwards depending on the year it was made.

    There is a pinned thread on war time berets and their manufacturing traits, perhaps you could spend some time looking at that instead of asking all the time.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    The beret has a nsn (Nato Stock Number) number, Nato was established in 1949 so it will be post war manufacture. But if i was to have a guess i would say 1970s.


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    After a quick search online i found NSN numbers replaced FSN in 1974 so the beret manufacture is at the very earliest 1974.


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    That's all correct Harry and anyone who was willing to spend a few minutes doing a search could have found that out rather than asking about yet anther pimped & faked up modern beret. Answering the same question too often is not good and being spoon fed the answers is not the way to advance anyone's collecting knowledge which is why I did not answer the question. The beret is probably 90's and has had an imperial size 7 added to it to make it look older than it is, the same as another one asked about recently by the same member.

    Helping is one thing, but it only goes so far.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I got your message loud and clear. Will not post anymore. Have fun ragging on someone else.

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