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British hat?

Article about: Good day all, I got this hat a few years ago from a older lady that was in second World War and her husband was also (recently died). They are from the UK. She didn't want it any more and ga

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    Default British hat?

    Good day all, I got this hat a few years ago from a older lady that was in second World War and her husband was also (recently died). They are from the UK.
    She didn't want it any more and gave it to me.

    I have no clue of what branch it came from. I have vary few British items in my collection, so I am not to familiar with British Military. (my main focus is US and German military.)

    So what is it exactly?

    Thanks all...
    British hat?British hat?British hat?

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    Default Re: British hat?

    It is not military, but will more likely be Merchant Navy.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: British hat?

    Thanks ade.
    Any other opinions are welcome

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    ILH is offline

    Default Re: British hat?

    I can see why Ade thought it might be Merchant Navy, but I'm pretty sure it is not. The MN crown is topped with Hulls+sails, yours apears to be stars+crossed-flags. Also it looks to be RAF blue, not Navy Blue.
    It apears to be a late/post war british RAF pattern -going by the shape of the peak- but that badge is not RAF.
    All in all,a bit of an oddity. If you could post pics of the maker's label, chinstrap buttons, and any other markings,it may be possible to narrow down the possibilities further?
    Cheers, jim.

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    Default Re: British hat?

    I agree with Ade, From the crown on the badge I would say it was Merchant Navy as all other Military used the GR crown or post 1953 ER. The cap looks to new to me to be WWII vintage, I am guessing 1950s or possible 60s, perhaps from a Liner, or another country's merchent navy.

    I would say its not RAF as its not the right colour for a start, or even an Austrialian Air Force cap which was blue not RAF blue, Your cap looks too dark. I am sticking to the Navy id, but not military.


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    Default Re: British hat?

    Hi Guys, I really ought to clarify when I said "Merchant Navy": Jim does indeed corectly ponit out that the MN did wear a different badge. I should really have said mercantile marine. The colour looks a slightly light shade of Navy blue to me on my monitor. Going by the general construction I would date it was 1940 or 1950's.

    Welcome to the forum Oli!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: British hat?

    Thanks Ade, Happy to be here.

    Your right also, I correct myself top ... Merchant Marine.


    I have had a better closer look on another screen and if this chinstrap is leather, which it looks to be, instead of plastic, then the cap is early 1950s or earlier. The material texture though does look similar to that used on RAF caps, save the colour.

    You can compare with ww2 raf and navy caps in my collection if thats helps, click the link in my signature.

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    Default Re: British hat?

    I'd like dip my oar in..... War time RAF caps are usually made of coarser material and are much lighter in colour. I have some RAAF caps and they are a darker blue and made from thinner cloth than RAF versions, but still not right for this cap. The badge on this cap looks hastily affixed to the cap, it is not level and seems almost too big for the cap. What buttons are on the cap?

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    Old Swan Militaria

    Default Re: British hat?

    Hello, the hat is from a Mercantile marine company. Each company ,ie, White Star Line, Blue funnel Line, Bibby Line all had their own company badge on the hat. Maybe this man was on convoy duty during ww2. Hope this helps, cheer, Dave.

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    Default Re: British hat?

    To my eye it looks much more like an airline pilot's cap, not dissimilar to Cambrian Airways of the 50's and 60's.

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