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Early unusual slouch hat

Article about: I just purchased an odd one from Ebay, very cheap so I took a chance on it. The seller had two examples of very similar Slouchies for sale and sent me the wrong one by mistake. They sent me

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    During my research I found nearly endless variants of the slouch hat, mostly in old photos that are not sharp enough to show the details clearly, though many showed the more upturned brim as seen on these two which is not such a feature of later examples and also the use of a cloth trim, sometimes being quite wide. I did however find one example of a Vero from 1901, similar to Dean's example in another thread that has the narrow herringbone pug band similar to the one here and the edge trim, showing at least that the fabric band is correct for the period. I have added one period picture showing the narrow pug band, broad cloth edge trim and upturned brim similar to these two examples, though it also shows others with a wider band, no edge trim and a not very obvious upturn to the brim, which shows the variations possible at the time.
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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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