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Glengarry Help

Article about: My first Glengarry: Can anyone help me with what this War Department code? 51 W/l\\ D P Annoyed from this ads?   I believe the badge is wrong as the tourie is red. Am I correct?

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    Default Glengarry Help

    My first Glengarry:

    Can anyone help me with what this War Department code?
    W/l\ D

    I believe the badge is wrong as the tourie is red. Am I correct?Glengarry HelpGlengarry HelpGlengarry Help

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    I would say the 51 is the date of issue

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    The Cameronians / Scottish Rifles, I think had a dark green cap with black tourie. Yours looks like a Black Watch Glengarry

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    Hi Paul
    Can you please do a better picture of the WD stamp from directly in front of it and pics straight on side views with a close up of the rear and the skirting material .
    The number above the wd stamp in this case 51 is the reference number of the inspector who was issued this WD stamp in order to id the person not checking the items properly the P in this case would be the the town and not as stated in post 2 !!

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    HI Rob
    The Cameroonians / Scottish rifles had a Rifle green glengarry while the Black watch & the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders both had a dark blue ( almost black ) glengarry with a red toori to the top the only difference was the latter had a ribbon behind their badge .
    regards steve

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    I copied this information which lists the early letter codes and the towns they represent, P being for Pimlico.

    I'm hoping to get some help from collectors that have articles of clothing with the wartime RACD stamp and a known maker.

    I am trying to correlate makers to Clothing Depots. I have never known what the letters tamps meant except it doesn't relate to date--like post war. I had thought they may refere to type of commmodity or inspection branch or Depot. I now think that L=depot.

    I'm trying to get supporting documentation or documentation that blows this theory out of the water.

    What started me thinking about this again was threads on this forum and one on Wolseley Helmets and also the Badges forum.

    Most of my information is very circumstantial and might not apply for the duration of war.

    Most is gleaned from the History of Army Ordnance Services, Debenhams Report on RACD and appendices (Barron Levy reports) and DEOS (Steevens reply) and of course observation.

    The number on the Stamp is to the Inspector/viewer--Steevens states this in his reply to the recommendations of the three reports cited. Also, this system was instituted due to lost control and corruption by some viewers at pimlico in the brush, cutlery and braces area after June 30 1915.

    The above cited reports that ther number of Inspectors and assistant inspectors went from 5 to 39 and for viewers 55 to 317 from 1914 to Sept 15.

    The letters I now believe are to the Depots tasked with Reciept and storage. In Sept 1915 these were:
    Pimlico (London)
    Olympia (London)
    White City (london)
    Marlyborne (London)
    Manchester (Trafford Park) Only set-up for reciept of US and Canadian Made Uniforms and in process of shutting down)

    Possible other: Glasgow, and Dublin.

    Stamps I've encountered are E, L, M, N, O, P

    I believe that


    I believe that commodities that needed special skills for inpsectors went to specific Depots and that more generalized SD clothing to regional Depots.

    I have 3 SD jackets with Three different Leeds Manufacturers all with an L stamp.

    I have two London Makers of SD jackets all with an M stamp.

    All Caps have either an O for caps made 1915-early 1917 or a P for deliveries after early 1917. Interestingly, several caps have come to the surface that have stamps from 1918-1922 using the pre-war RACD system that Pimico used of W/I\D over number over date. See http://www.britishba...ead.php?t=29216 Thanks Taff. This leads me to believe caps were coming into PIMLICO and the system reverted back to pre-war ways of doing business circa 18/19. I also have three kilts with the P code--the only ones with still legible stamps.

    All waterproof clothing I have or seen have the O stamp. I suspect that caps went to Olympia first then to Pimlico after Waterproof clothing swamped Olympia.

    This doesn't answer what E or N stood for or what code White City had. Nor what depots closed and potentially others opened.

    I have one pair of SD trousers with what I believe is an E code but no intact manufacutring label and I think I have some SD with an N code, but can't find at moment.

    For those collectors that have clothing with labels could you please check to see manfacture lines up with the closest code for a Depot (particulaly SD).

    Of course if we have a lot of london manufactures with an L code this theory is blown out of the water.

    Thanks in advance

    Joe Sweeney


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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