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Lt. Harvey A. Paul Officer's Visor - 8th AAF

Article about: While at a local antique store with my wife and son this weekend I happened upon an Officer's visor. I've never known this store to have any militaria so it was a bit of a surprise. The viso

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    Don't forget the April 13th 1944 Schweinfurt raid. That's when My Uncle Joe was shot down. My uncle made the bombing of Berlin in March, 1944. But April didn't work out well for him. He became a guest of the Reich for the duration at Stalag 17B.

    Semper Fi

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    Great find, and excellent research! I still say finding something like this in the wild is way more rewarding than picking it up at a militaria show.

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    Quote by BobS View Post
    Great to know the history attached to this cap. Lt.Paul's tour of duty of course covered the most desperate times for 8th Air Force bomber groups, when the heavy losses caused serious concerns about the strategy of daylight precision bombing.
    I wonder if he flew on one, or even both of the notorious Schweinfurt raids in August & October of 1943? He woudl have just missed "Big Week", the first bombing of Berlin in March, 1944.

    Hi Bob- It does not appear as though Lt. Paul flew either of the Schweinfurt raids. His first mission was August 19, 2 days after the first raid and then in October he flew a mission on the 10th and then not again until about a month later.

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