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New Cap!

Article about: Just bought this about a week ago and thought i would upload some photos of it for you guys/gals. I love that it came with the box!

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    In the cold war, which is perhaps too much for some of us, the fate of Nationalist China was a vital U.S. interest, U.S. forces operated in support of the Nationalist Chinese on Taiwan.
    However, during the Indo China war, with many U.S. troops throughout Asia, this cap could well have been made. It may have well been that these Taiwanese vendors served U.S. bases in South Vietnam, even though this cap was likely not worn there often.

    see attached.

    Some of us are old, and well recall the cold war.

    US Taiwan Defense Command
    damit, basta.

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    Very well put FB I remember this well this is out of my field also but I am just curious why it would be made in Japan but marked to a Taiwan maker? I remember officers wearing this type in US Army very ornate compared to us enlisted with the plain type and leather chin strap the knickname of them were "Bus Drivers Hat". timothy

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    I think the cap was made in Taipei, which the last time I checked, was not Japan. The street address in Taipei is given, actually, on the cap's inner lining.
    Taipei, however, was the locale of the U.S. joint command for the defense of Taiwan against Mao's red hordes.
    I am very old, and have had more or less a forty year association with the U.S. forces, but not in Asia, really.
    In the 1950s, west German cap makers made caps for USAREUR.
    You can find these in the relevant threads in the German section here.
    By the way, I collect III. Reich German regalia, but this atomic green uniform was the U.S. Army uniform for most of my life, and until quite recently.
    damit, basta.

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    Yes, actually it is perported and proved I believe, That German manufacturers actually produced some
    types of insignia during the occupation of Germany for the U.S... Assman being one of them..
    It makes sense... I didn't think about that....Gwar

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