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RCAF Wedge Cap

Article about: Nice cap! there was a similar cap with the piping for sale on ebay recently, I think the badge was different though. The seller wanted £90 starting price for it. it was listed as a group cap

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    Default RCAF Wedge Cap

    I picked up this nice cap today thinking it was a WWII Raf Dress cap. After doing a little more research I realize it is an RCAF wedge cap. It has a really nicely detailed bullion badge and appears to be a private purchase from London. Can anyone verify if this is WWII era ? I don't have any reference materials for Allied caps. All feedback is appreciated. thanks, Al.

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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    This is an illustration I found on the web showing how this cap can be configured like the German M42 cap but with a foldown bill. the side flaps have small hooks to keep them in place when worn up.

    Name:  BV2008-AD6E-01.jpg
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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    I located an identical cap on this website which identifies the cap as an Air Officer's service dress "wedge" cap. That explains the piping. Based on the equivalent visor cap pictured above I assume it's for a high ranking officer.


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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    Your cap is for an officer of Air rank(general equivalent) and could be WW2 or immediately after as it has a Kings crown on the cap badge.What makes you think it's RCAF? There's no difference in manufacture & it has a London makers tag.Have you tried googling Air Marshall H.N.Hampton?

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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    Hello, thanks for the info. I really know nothing of RAF caps and had to rely on internet searches. I came up with those images above that identified it as RCAF so I assumed it was right. I have done extensive searches on H.N. Hampton. Excerpts from The Royal Air Force Flight archives show the appointment of a flight Lt. H.N. Hampton DFC to HQ inland area on May 18, 1925. Thereafter I found numerous references to said Lt from Digby playing on the RAF hockey team throughout 1930. the only other reference is to a Group Captain HN Hampton involved in a trial of an RCAF member. I got no results on an Air marshal Hampton. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Al.
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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    have a look at the London Gazette, it lists promotions and awards for Officers. I had a quick look and found this from 1947 where it seems he was still Group Captain,

    Viewing Page 601 of Issue 37870

    Look at my website as I have a few tips on how to use the london gazette website.

    Id say from the pdf and Gieves badge that the cap is early/mid 1950s. Also worth noting is that Gieves is a very high end outfitters and seemed to have supplied more Royal Navy that other branches, so being a Gieves RAF cap makes it special in my opioion.

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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    Ok, I have found a few details about H.N. Hampton. Seems his name was Herbert Nind Hampton, D.F.C


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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    Thanks for the information. I found a website that refers to a Group Captain Hampton assigned to RAF Aldergrove in 1942. It's interesting to see parts of his carreer in the early twenties, during WWII and into the 50's. Would the cap still indicate a rank of Captain or higher ? I'm glad to see that it appears to be a high end special cap. I was impressed with the quality when I got it in the mail. Thanks, Al.

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    Default Re: RCAF Wedge Cap

    My guess would be that he was promoted in the early 1950s or even late 1940s to Air Commodore. Try looking for Air Commodore Hampton. The badge on the cap you have is only for "Air" ranks ....

    And since this cap has Kings Crown and that Gieves label, I would say that the cap dates pre 1953. If you can find out when he was promoted then you could probably date the cap quite nicely....

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    Default RAF Air Commodore Dress Cap

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I thought this thread would die without any input.

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