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Us Officers Cap

Article about: Hello, I have just bought this cap, can anyone help me date it? I wonder if its pre-war as all the wartime one I have seen have gilt badges, and this one is bronze. Any help appreciated. Dou

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    I don't usually desire US items only ever having a few over the years -MI helmet and a few odds and ends- but ?I would make an exception of a cap like this, very nice. Where is that drool emoticon when you want it.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks guys, i'm really pleased with it!

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    The cap is a 1920s/30s officers cap. The year 1926 comes to mind when they stopped using the bell crown type but I am not sure. They are harder to find than the 40s style but not any more valuable. You have one in superb condition.
    If I remembered as much as I have forgotten about militaria I might be of some use on this forum.

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    Just found these pictures of General Pershing wearing a very similar hat during WW1.

    Steve, thanks for the information, this is rather in line with what I was originally expecting. In the pictures of General Pershing, is he wearing this type of cap? presumably if he is, the pictures could not have been taken during WW1 as stated on Wikipedia. Or do they actually in fact show the bell crown type? These pictures are captioned 1917 and 1918.

    With thanks, Doug
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Us Officers Cap   Us Officers Cap  

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    Very nice cap I would say this one is post ww1 most likely from the 20s period

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    Hi Doug, I have just been gening up on General Pershing. He had an extraordinery military career from what the Wiki has to say. Went from Captain to BG 1 Star a bit like Errol Flynn, sorry GA Custer. Commanded the AEF in 1917 as a MG 2 Star. 1918 promoted General 4 Star missing out LG 3 Star then General of the Armies 6 Star missing out General of the Army 5 Star. To get back to your cap, either Wiki has all his ranks wrong or he definately was a GO in WWI and according to your second Photo, a 4 Star full General in 1918 then I would suggest that you are 100% correct in your assesment and the cap has every chance of being of WWI vintage. I know that US caps of early vintage have relatively narrow chin straps like yours and General Pershing's and later caps tended to employ wide straps.
    At the end of the day, your cap is what it is!! A very nice and very early US Army all Officer Ranks cap. WWI possibly/probably!! One other observation, In niether of the photographs, does he appear to have the WWI US Victory Medal (1919).
    Hope that I have not clouded the issue, these are only observations on my behalf.

    Cheers Michael

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