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WW2 US Army Lt. Col Visor cap

Article about: Hello Gent's I had gotten this about a year ago and it came with an USAAF Garrison cap. So I thought I had a AAF officers cap. So before I was going to post in the USAAF visor thread. I thou

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    Now that is Fantastic!!!!
    Thank you so much Lance.
    I can now put a face to the name.
    Pearl Harbor during the Attack, Philippines and service in japan!
    AWESOME. Now I really got to get this sweatband fixed
    Semper Fi

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    Quote by Rakkasan187 View Post

    Humbled by your kind words about my knowledge and expertise....

    Are there any hat makers in your neck of the woods? Perhaps a local hat maker that makes Stetsons and or other types of high end headwear may be able to assist...

    Best regards

    No need to be Humbled!! YOU DA MAN

    I had asked that question about repairs to another member and he had driven by a place up in Phoenix that listed "Restorations" "Sweatband replacements "on their website, So I gave them a call and that is where I got the " We don't do that" reply. It must be a cowboy hat maker!! LOL There are no local hat makers here in Yuma and the local base dry cleaners closed down. They did repairs/alterations on military uniforms for years. After getting the No-Go from the other hat store, I looked around on the net and found one in Cave Creek Arizona that listed sweatband replacements. So I shot them an email saying that all the holes are intact on the sweatband and I just need it resewn. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I am a stones throw away from Mexico, but that would be my last try. I would prefer to keep it in the CONUS and not cost more than I paid for it. One of my buddies at work just told me that his wife's grandmother is a seamstress, So I saved a couple pic's of the way they are stitched to show her how they are diagonal stitches. I'll just have to find some thread that matches the remnants. We'll See.

    Semper Fi

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    Here is the garrison that the seller was so kind to include. I knew this didn't belong to McGiven by the Name "McGIVEN M. His name on the card was Paul L McGiven. It's not in great condition to say the least, But it was tossed in for free.
    Not sure about the location of the name and also the numbers written under the sweatband.

    WW2 US Army Lt. Col Visor capWW2 US Army Lt. Col Visor capWW2 US Army Lt. Col Visor cap
    Semper Fi

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