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10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

Article about: by BOB COLEMAN At that price, I would have some long thoughts about selling one of the two in my collection. Bob well if you like to sell one from yours i think i know a guy that can be inte

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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    So yesterday it was any WSS Officer visor, and today it is a TV Officer visor that is so desirable . . . what comes next?

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    This black cap on the right was also that of an SS TV officer. It is also a Mueller of Muenchen as is the piece in post number 19. I do not know to whom the one on the left originally belonged, but it is now the property of one our colleagues here.

    Happy headwear to all

    PS The person who sold me the cap on the right ascribed it an Allgemeine SS officer, but careful reappraisal of his research and the records enabled me to determine its actual owner.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???  
    damit, basta.

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    In forty four years of collecting, I have sold many pieces, especially grey SS caps, which I sorely regret. Further, these things today cost a sum of money that I would have thought impossible and improbable in my salad years.

    This statement notwithstanding, the past twenty four months have underscored the fact that human beings are poorly equipped to predict the future, especially as concerns human rationality and the international political economy.

    I would also not have predicted the enduring interest in the second world war or the popularity of its symbols and visuals generally as have obtained here and there.

    Suum cuique
    Attached Images Attached Images 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor??? 
    damit, basta.

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    The discussion about prices is always a bit of a puzzle. I've learnt that you can never predict what will sell quickly and what will not even if you think you have a good grasp of market values at any one particular time. Plus, it's impossible to predict when other items of similar collectibility will appear for sale at the same time you wish to sell your own. I call it sod's law. It's when, for example, you haven't seen another decent black NCO's cap for sale for 6 months but when you advertise one that you have, 3 more appear within the same week. Result - none of them sell because they appear not to be that rare anymore.
    So what do you do? reduce the price so much as to secure a sale or put it back on the shelf? I guess it depends on your personal circumstances and how much you just need the money right there and then or whether you can afford to keep hold of it and try again another day.
    Bob, it's interesting that you should ask if you should sell a few of your caps at this time. My answer would be do you have to? I'm 38, been collecting for about 7 years and have a few, not many, but a few nice caps. I know that I will have to sell them all soon just to be able to afford a deposit on a house, wedding, kids etc etc. It's going to hurt but life is more important than these bits of wool, leather and vulcanfibre sitting in my spare room. I'm just thankful that I invested my small amounts of spare cash into these things and didn't listen to everyone around me when they talked about saving accounts and company pensions etc etc
    But Bob, if you don't have to sell, don't. But if you think a bit of extra money would benefit you and your family better, why not sell? Especially if you have a few indentical items in your collection. Ask the price that you would be happy with, even if it seems like a lot because you're probably not in a hurry. Prices might fluctuate from time to time but I doubt you'll ever have to make a loss on anything that you've bought over the years. Just remember that working out a price is a bit like working out the insurance value on that bit of paper, how much would it cost to replace an item if you had to go out tomorrow and buy another one!
    Just my opinion.

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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    Thank you for your thoughts. My statements were in jest. Presently, I am not in a position of having to sell anything from my collection. I guess that amazement overwhelmed me when I saw the price for the cap, which was not even in pristeen condition. The stampings are rare and do add to the value to some collectors. Over the years, I have only owned four of these. The first I purchased from a veteran in the late 1960's. In hindsight, it was a Pekuro in pristeen condition except missing it's totenkopf badge. In those days, replacing the badge was an easy fix and done at the first gun show I went to. The other, had been worn like a crusher but had a vulkanfibre visor and no chin strap. It had been packed in it's original shipping container, an old K-Ration box, for over fifty years! A fellow bought the box, unopened, at an estate auction. Inside was the cap, a SS armband and some tinnies pinned to the armband. The vet mailed it back and never opened the box. The first cap went when I sold my first collection in the early 70's. The other cap went on a trade for a very historic item. Frankly, I would love to have both back. I believe the gray NCO visors to be far rarer than the gray officer caps.


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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    Here's one without RFSS tag that sold last year for $9,750.
    SS-VT EM/NCO visor opinion needed. - Militaria Forums
    Bob, you would have little trouble selling yours at these prices.

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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    I'm glad to hear that you don't have to sell Bob. It can be heartbreaking when you truly have no choice, believe me.

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    Arrow Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    Ben,I sold a wonderful chained SS dagger and a wonderful SS totenkopf ring several years ago to pay off my home and land completely and in full and stop the the bank from getting rich off of my desire to live in a home and not in the street.I would have not sold the 2 things for any other thing but that,AND IT FELT GOOD! The hobby is better than ever after I proved I can tell a difference between the hobby and real life,And by the way my home and land will never go up for hock for this hobby or any other crazy stuff.

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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    Painted zinc insignia on a 1939 dated visor hat?????

    I would think that for $10,445.00 you might get the proper aluminum insignia.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: 10 K + Gray NCO SS Visor???

    Quote by Bob Hritz View Post
    Painted zinc insignia on a 1939 dated visor hat?????

    I would think that for $10,445.00 you might get the proper aluminum insignia.

    Bob Hritz that raises an interesting coincidence Bob.
    The more I look at the TK on the Guild visor, I do believe it's an M1/24 Overhoff.
    Interestingly, the SS-VT visor that Pascal posted is exactly the same...M1/24 in zinc.
    I wonder if Overhoff utilized zinc prior to other manufacturers due to their prong attachment design that required soft metal for crimping?
    Other anomalies have been noted, such as Deschler skulls in aluminum on Allgemeine caps in the 1938/39 era whereas aluminum was not generally used by other manufacturers until 1941/42.
    As an aside, it appears to me that the VA date is 1938, not 1939, but it's difficult to see clearly.

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