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Artillery em/nco schirmmütze

Article about: Hi guys. Here my Artillery EM/NCO Schirmmütze ! Got it some months ago ! Thought I would show it to you ! It is marked inside sweatband ! Didn`t had the time to do some research on it ! Can

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    Again, the roman numeral I indicates Erste Garnitur, or best wear for walking out, etc. Each piece of issued clothing and such was rated as to its level of wear, and these roman numerals went to IV or V, I cannot recall. The more worn, then the lower down the order of dress such an item would go.

    Many of these caps survived more or less unused, and were had by me for all of 25 dollars in the year 1970.

    The unit was part of the rapid expansion of the army with the reintroduction of conscription as part of the breaking of Versailles in the year 1935. Verden is in Lower Saxony.
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    Quote by silverfox View Post
    That`s an impressive lexikon !! very nice !! I found this ! Artillerie-Regimenter - Lexikon der Wehrmacht
    Now I need a List/link of Feldpost numbers so i can find the unit trough the whole war ! :-) If it is possible ?... Tony ! can you help here ? again and again !! ;-) Thanks. SF

    sf, that link will provide you with the feldpost numbers as well. They are with the info on the regiment in the box on the top of the page just click on the regiment to get the info.



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    Hi tony and F-B ! Thanks for your help here !! I really learn`d a lot today, that I not knew ! very interessting ! It`s something I can tell other collectors I know ! Thanks guys !
    I found out reading this lexikon, that the 22 artillery Regiment fought under/aside the 22. Infanterie - Division. They fought a lot of places. VERY INTERRESTING READING !! If you can read german ? This is a very nice lexikon with lot of informations !! Thanks tony for the link ! And F-B for the informations on the cap ! Nice of you !! SF

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    How such caps were seen in film.

    08 15 1 Teil Part 1 7 - YouTube
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    Our aim here is that one learns more than one wastes in deciphering garbage, misinformation and psychological affect in digital form.
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