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The Ask Jeeves Thread!

Article about: Is it me or do most WH General visor caps have metal insignia? Did Generals prefer metal insignia over bullion? Cheers, Pat

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    Help with info on this 1934 German Nazi Cap? I am wondering what it is: military or political? Are the pins original? Is there anyhting missing? Rarity? If and what the value may be? Thank you for your time.
    The Ask Jeeves Thread!The Ask Jeeves Thread!

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    Did the luftwaffe ever issue and use a tropical trapezoid for headgear. I don't think they ever did, but there is an example listed for sale on the Ruptured Duck. IMHO it is wrong, the construction etc...
    In the old book "desert adversaries" it shows a color image of the Luftwaffe field cap being worn, it looks to me like the one listed by ruptured duck. But it could be my eyes (photo taken for about 10 meters away).

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    I have a question concerning cloth headgaer. I bought my first book about Schimmützen und Kopfbedeckungen in 3. Reich, and the book often mentions that the celluloid trapeze had been removed.

    Was/is that common? and why was it removed from the headgear?

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    The celluloid becames brittle over time and will crack. Sometimes it might have got period removed. But I think in previous years many un-enlightened collectors may have removed a broken or cracked sweat shield in order to "improve" the appareance of a cap. So finding it missing is not unknown.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Okay all,

    I have a question for Mr BenVK...
    When are you, and Mr. Glenn, Mr. Mike, Mr. Lenny , and Mr. Coleman going to get together and write a informative book on the M43, and side caps??
    I think it would be an AWESOME compulation with all your brains together on this subject... Mr.Lenny told me he already started to write
    one, but his computer crashed..I would like Mr. Stonemint to chime in on this book as well when he can... THAT would in my eyes, and
    probibly some more people here would be the best book...

    Thank you in advance

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    Was the chin straps on visors used as chin straps? I think I remember seeing a clip where Goering had the chin strap around his chin but I could be mistaken .

    Cheers, Patrick

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    They were designed to be used for holding the cap upon the head ! This was a throw back to the days when the officers were on horses all the time and the infantry wore the cap in battle. By TR the caps were for parade purposes and show, the chin straps are more ornate than practical at this point.

    I know the photo of Goering you refer too....maybe it was windy ? The SA wore the caps with chin straps down..look at some of the big rally photos to see plenty of examples.

    How is that ?



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    Thanks Tony. Is that why some caps have massive chin coards that don't quite fit because they were stretched?

    That makes sense about they were used by the cavalry to keep the caps on. But why dont the dunkelbleau (sorry about the spelling) caps have chin coards?

    Thanks, Patrick

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    Yes thats exactly correct on the old days..
    I know of the photo as well.. Maybe Goering
    was taken up for a ride in a BI-Plane, to relive
    his younger years?? After all he did look happy..

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    There is an interesting film clip of Goring on the French Coast looking out at England with some of his Luftwaffe commanders. This is likely when the photo was taken as it must have been breezy on the coast and Goring was wearing his chin cord under the chin.


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