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Authentic SS General Schirmmütze Thread

Article about: Dear Ben, what do you think of these images, please? You are a man of gifts with this sort of thing.....

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    If the dealer that I heard that was angling for it got it, be prepared for a 20K mark-up on his site....
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    Will the dealer then buy my collection?

    In all seriousness, and levity aside, I am more interested in the black and white caps in Maine, and what price they will fetch.

    This sale this am does surely indicate that, as the savants and wizards of armagedon have so rightly foretold, the SS regalia market has crapped out, and that I am sitting on a foetid pile of scrap wool.
    damit, basta.

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    Am I right that the person must pay an additional 3500 dollars to the hammer price, which is then USD 26500?

    The Deutschland Erwache flag went for a healthy sum of 25500 dollars, and the fake black SS uniform blew up on the launch pad.

    All the travail and high jinx of a dying biotope.
    damit, basta.

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    Here is what one skeptic had to say about this event.

    "So...eventually 25k for a hat that will sit on your shelf...and for an hour or so when you get home from work...dinner. ..wife, kids, you can stare at a seventy year old ccombinaton of vulcanfiber...wool...leather and aluminium.
    Thats just insane....I think some people have taken leave of their senses. "
    damit, basta.

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    I do not collect these things because I speculate in them, and see them solely or even remotely as a financial proposition. Germany's fate in the 19th and 20th centuries represents a compelling story, a remarkable chronicle that deserves all our interest. War is a central part of the political cosmos, and in its horror and monstrosity, it requires that we strive to understand it.
    I am a child of the mid 20th century, the signal events of which have lost little meaning with the passage of time, and it is an odd and peculiar thing that these items fetch so much money, but such hardly signifies my wish to collect them.
    My students, some of whom were born in 1981, are shocked and transfixed by this story, and with good reason. It is very important.
    damit, basta.

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    I really don't understand all the commotion about the price achieved. It's not an unreasonable amount for an authentic SS Senior Ranks cap IMO.

    Perhaps the people who are aghast are the same ones who constantly bombard these forums with dross in the hope of finding the crown jewels at bargain bucket prices.

    I sincerely hope that this particular hat will end up with a collector who will appreciate it's historical and aesthetic value and not just it's financial one.

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    How many SS Officers during the period would have been eligible to wear a hat such as this anyway? can't have been more than about 300?

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    Well...always the same VS hobby....

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    The Principle of supply and demand is the best know principles of economics higher demand there is for something the more people want it. The more they value it.

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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    How many SS Officers during the period would have been eligible to wear a hat such as this anyway? can't have been more than about 300?
    An interesting question. It is difficult to impossible to tell the exact number, although I would place it at higher than 300.

    The aluminium piping was authorized for the senior SS officer ranks from Oberführer upwards.

    The SS-Dienstaltersliste of 9 November 1944 has 738 names of this rank group.

    Of course, this included a substantial number of men who only held honorary SS rank and in the majority would have retained their black uniforms (and caps, obviously). Hard to come up with a figure, but I would estimate their number at around perhaps some 200 to 300 men (and will gladly stand corrected if other members have more reliable data!) This number would have to be subtracted from the 738.

    Then we would have to add the number of those belonging to this rank group who did not or no more appear in the Nov. 1944 DAL, i.e. the retired, dismissed and dead ones and those who were foreign Waffen-SS officers. The total number of these cases could not be huge, though.

    I would tentatively place the total number of potential grey Oberführermützen owners at around 500.

    (Like I said, only a guesstimate!)

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