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Best for display

Article about: 25 sheets of Acid Free tissue paper on eBay is only around 10 bucks. Thats what I use.

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    Default Best for display

    I have a question on displaying caps. Is it ok to use news paper inside of them to keep their shape? I was wondering if news paper had acid in it? Do you guys recommend something else?

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    There is a specific acid free paper that most people will recommend to you. Another option that many members use is the use of glass mannequin heads, as these are not going to leak any chemicals into the hat and they give it a great museum quality look. These can be picked up from pier 1 imports for around $16 +tax (the cheapest online that I have seen). There was also a thread on here a couple days ago that showed a members company which specializes in cap stands and such, I will try to look for it.

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    Headgear Displays

    This is what I was able to find. Hope this helps.

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    There is a forum sponsor specialized at it!
    Look in "forum sponsor " section.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    I use pipe lagging to keep the shape round the cap and wrap it in cotton, which i get from sheets bought in thrift shops ! If you have only one prize item to show then go for the nice display model already mentioned.

    I am a tight wad so won't !!!!!



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    I just use acid free tissue paper and pack the inside without putting to much pressure on it.

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    News papers have a very high acid content.

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    I have a Luftwaffe visor that has a period newspaper folder and inserted behind the front of the sweatband. It doesn't seem to have had any effect on the cap. Is the acid in the paper more of a modern thing or should I remove the paper?

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    Modern newspapers have more acid in them then the older ones. I know that most american newspapers prior to the 1870's had no acid in them at all, but after they did. I guess its the difference between wood pulp or rag linen. If its "war period" I would leave it in there, a nice little part of history and it's keeping everything together.

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    Thank You for the information

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