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can somebody help me to exactly define a fabric?

Article about: Hello everybody, first off, please excuse me if my entry is in a wrong category or not fitting at all, this is my first and maybe only post. My name is Helen, and i am not a collector of mil

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    Default Yarn

    To Helen an all the other potential cap makers:

    There is a shop which sells these as "Nostalgiezwirn". The nice package which contains 10 threadspools at 15,- Euros (2 more left) and loose spools at 2,- Euros (many left). Note the place of production: Niederdonau. This was the name for Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) in the TR. This could be the last chance, 70 years after the end of the TR, to get original TR yarn.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Es irrt der Mensch, solang er strebt

    Tried to produce a size 60 cap - out came a size 58. So much to the "pleasures" of cap making - and the admiration for the old Meister, who could produce a size 60 when they wanted a size 60. My only consolation is, that there aren't too many out there of which I know (apart from Helen) who can manufacture a cap without ever having learnt to do so.

    Have a look for yourselves:Attachment 826957Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Aber nein!

    Herrlich! A work of art. Bravo. My respect and admiration to you.

    Ihr Streben ist vorzueglich, und Sie irren gar nicht!
    damit, basta.

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    Wow--I am impressed! Great work, right out of the blocks--congrats!

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    How nice it is, indeed, that our site has attracted such talented and pleasant persons, and we all salute their enthusiasm for cap making.

    How pleasant has this whole exercise been in contrast to the threads elsewhere where a reproduction SS field jacket becomes an object of rancor and hatred, sucking the hope and robbing the time of
    all unlucky enough to stumble on such digital excrement.

    Thanks to our colleagues in Europe for their wonderful addition to the work of this site.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Cap the second

    For F.-B. (don't want to bother the others too long with this):

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    Gotta admire that handiwork! Good job.


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    Es ist piccobello! Wunderbar. A joy! And fantastic!
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    I will happily pay you Euros 150 for such a fine piece of work. Can I suggest the Waffenfarbe, if you can find it?

    Congratulations and thanks. Viel Erfolg!

    If you are in Germany, Pfaff must still have the right sewing machine for making caps somewhere.

    Is not Pfaff still in business? They were when I lived in Kaiserslautern, but that was three decades ago...!Attachment 813712Attachment 813713
    I went to Teisendorf to Hut Braun today to do some research for Steve Heck who asked the forum about paper labels in his hats. Mrs. Braun, the wife of the owner, was so kind to show me around and in one of the workshops they had four of these sewing machines! She told me that they were of the 1960ies and that her husband had bought them from a hat producer in Germany who had given up - for 50 DM each! So ein Glück möchte ich auch einmal haben.
    Last edited by ErWeSa; 06-13-2015 at 07:22 PM.

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    hello ErWeSa, i just saw this, thank you very much! it is - indeed - very interesting!

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