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"Caps on a bed"

Article about: wonderful....I am jealous !

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    Default Re: "Caps on a bed"

    Bravo. I was always told never to put hats on the bed, since it was bad luck. But we are blessed with your role in our pack and your wonderful collection and your even better book.
    May your collection wax and grow in its variety.
    damit, basta.

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    Their weak constitutions You most definitely take care of them with the utmost sincerity! Tell me, do you ever feel compelled to snuggle-up with them?

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    Fb, I've not heard it being bad luck before..............hope it's not unlucky per cap other wise I am in trouble !

    Re the above: "snuggle up with them ?" .......I have put forward the idea of an international day..."Cuddle a Cap" !

    Go know you want too...........................



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    Such was a superstition in my family. Maybe not an Anglo Saxon one, but a central European one.
    I admire my caps at quiet moments for some odd reason. My wife accuses me of treating them like a child's dolls, which is likely an accurate assessment. My wife has great central European wisdom.
    damit, basta.

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    I think all wives have great central European wisdom !

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    Seems a long time since the caps went to bed and the builders have now finally gone !

    So it is time to wake the caps up and remove them from their storage as I have secured a small area of the property to make my own......

    I hope you don't mind me showing the new "moving in" pictures...... as the room evolves and things find their place I will update.

    It's nice to have a blank canvas for once................

    The starting point...

    "Caps on a bed"

    The finished Entrance.....

    "Caps on a bed"

    The contents begin to arrive.......

    "Caps on a bed""Caps on a bed""Caps on a bed""Caps on a bed""Caps on a bed""Caps on a bed"



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    WOW Tony!! Where does the wife sleep if your with the caps!! A great collection. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Cheers Leon, the wife sleeps very well because she knows I'm with my caps................I think that's why their allowed in the house in the first place!

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    Looks good tony, congrats on the new room! all those books and I cant spot the one you wrote lol.

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    Incredible display !!!

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