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Early Officer's General Staff

Article about: OFFICER"S CARMINE PIPED GENERAL STAFF Visor (EARLY circa 1936-1937) This visor just talked to me when I first saw it. At this time, at least to me, an unknown maker utilizing the Stirnd

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    Many thanks to FB and Stonemint for their responses and providing the history of this obscure yet still thriving hat maker. A truly great story and here's to hoping their privatization and future is strong.

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    Early Officer's General StaffI also owned an army signals cap from this firm )top shelf, rightish), which was a real beauty. It had the same fore head arrangement.
    I should not have sold it. There are several of my ex caps in this picture, in fact. Things I sold more than a decade ago. There is also a nice Paul Kaps Jaeger on the right, too, which
    was a nice thing.....
    all gone with the wind.

    However, the black SS cap of early make from this firm I did surely retain.

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    Beautiful cap dan.
    I have a Luft. Officers Sommermutze by the same maker.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Early Officer's General Staff   Early Officer's General Staff  

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    F-B was the one who finally solved the mystery of this former "mystery maker." All we knew is that they survived the war and continued to produce visors for the DDR under their own label (instead of a VEB). What is interesting is that they survived as a private concern until 1960, before becoming a state concern.
    Their TR products were of very good quality.

    The article I posted above was written in 1991, and alas, I do not think they survived the hard economic times of the 1990s....

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    Early Officer's General StaffEarly Officer's General StaffFor those who do not know, Arnstadt is 20 kms from Erfurt, which is a wonderful town. Weimar lies to the east.
    Thanks for the above, but credit with the Bachmann firm belongs to my chum Hugo Rietzel, with his very fine RZM website with the
    many nice things presented without balderdash.
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    Early Officer's General StaffEarly Officer's General StaffThese are citizens of Thueringen today and of yore, without any fore head pressure. Rather than worry about sweat bands, those in the contemporary picture ride their bicycles through the picturesque countryside, known to Schiller and Goethe in German classicism. They were likely unborn or just born in 1989, and for them the story of Germany that interests you and me lies a zillion miles away in another solar system. Never gain say the role of fortuna. Those in the black and white picture circa 1980 or so might have lacked for material goods, but they made up for it in the imponderables of spirit, which you see in their smiles.
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    A cap I have long admired. Well done. Let me know if you get sick of it. It used to belong to a collector who used to post on this forum, actually.

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