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Article about: Who or what is the chap in the middle?

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    Who or what is the chap in the middle?
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    I reckon the man in the middle is wearing the berret that went with the uniform of the condor legion that served in spain during the civil war.

    Otherwise it may be a member of the french resistance who has infilltrated the german high command but no-one has yet picked up on his one obvious error whist researching his disguise............................

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    I agree with the Spanish connection.

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    ...or Benny Hill's uncle!

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    What about Romanian mountain troops? Did they not serve on the Eastern Front, alongside the Heer? I'm not exactly an expert on Romanian uniforms, but that is my guess. Plenty of German allied personnel were awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

    Bob S

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    I think i'd go for Romanian, there were great efforts made to keep them on side, didn't they have some oil? Didn't one of the axis 'allies' in the area possibly Bulgaria, side with the Axis but not actually send any troops to the eastern front after Barbarossa. One of these satelite states changed sides at the approach of the Red Army leaving a great hole in the German defensive line and hasten the collapse of the Wehrmachts ability to effectively resist.

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    Romanian Mountain troops wore the large beret, as in the photo. I have to believe the middle officer is of those troops; they served on the Eastern Front.

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    I, too, would agree that this is a Romanian officer.

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