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Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress Hat

Article about: I am a collector of vintage German and Austrian dress hats. I have a couple examples of this paper label with no company mark. Any help would be appreciated! I was thinking at first EMS migh

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    Very nice. I should make a picture of all the hats I have bought in Vienna in the past twenty years.
    damit, basta.

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    The pictures of the small tags underneath the sweat bands, I think, are for the price list and inventory and such.

    You find them in party and military caps, too, and they are still used, for instance, by Oberwaelder in Wien, which has branches on the Kaertnerstrasse and Mariahilferstrasse.

    The civil headwear is a good adjunct to the military headwear, too, as these things show the quality of manufacture as well as the techniques.

    Context is everything and we enjoy as much of it as we can find, especially from smart, observant people with lots of empirical data.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    These are some of the makers you listed that also produced military/paramilitary pre-1945:

    Mayser, Breiter, Weissbach, Zeumer, Hückel.

    Interestingly, I do not believe any are making military headgear to this day.
    (The only pre-1945 military maker that is still in business that I am aware of is Alkero, ie, Albert Kempf).
    Breiter in Munich makes no military headwear. I buy things there when I am in Munich, and they are phasing out the Trachten and traditional Bavarian things in favor of globalized junk as found everywhere else.
    It is quite sad.

    Slama makes caps for the Austrian army, as my Austrian friends here will remind us.
    damit, basta.

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    Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress HatBought in 2009, I think.
    damit, basta.

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    Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress HatGeneric Paper Label - German Felt Dress HatGeneric Paper Label - German Felt Dress HatGeneric Paper Label - German Felt Dress HatBreiter in another time. If I mention this fact to them, the current staff gets a little twitchy. Two different caps here of earlier and later earlier make.....

    - - ------- - -

    I only mentioned it once, and then dropped it, really.
    damit, basta.

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    Concerning Slama: And for Austrian police (Mr. Slama is a nice man, ordered Vulkanfiberschirme with him - should go there - or you Mr. F.-B. - one day and ask him about past and present of his firm). Since the time the Austrian police changed to the blue uniform (giving up very old traditons of hechtgrau - Bundesgendarmerie - and flaschengrün - Bundespolizei - in favour of US-blue) the construction of the cap has changed insofar as there is no more leather sweatband but a detachable (velcro-fixed) terry cloth-like material on a patent leather sweatband (apart from the fact that the insignia is plastic, too - a shield like form, also borrowed from the US but, at least still produced in Austria)

    Can only confirm what F.-B. says concerning Breiter - was there in the 90ies asking for visor caps (not TR ones!) and they eyed me as if I had asked for strychnine.
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    Johann Hückel und Söhne made tropical pith helmets during the war.
    My friend has a large box which once contained 10 of them:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress Hat   Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress Hat  

    Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress Hat   Generic Paper Label - German Felt Dress Hat  


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    Fort those with a lot of money for an investment: here you have the unique chance of getting a Conformateur (price is exaggerated in my opinion, yet if I had won in the lottery....): Alter Hut Konfektion
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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    Lovely derby. There is a Marie Slama of Vienna who was (probably still is) Vienna's premier visor hat maker.
    Do you know if there was any connection to the distributor (W. Slama) named in your hat?
    Thanks! I am not sure if there is a connection. I know in the case of the Melone it's a retail store(s). The Melone is from the early 1930s.

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    Quote by ErWeSa View Post
    I don't want to bother the other members with pictures of my civil hats, but I welcome te occasion to document them - if you send me a private message with an email address where to send them to, I can send you the pics taken of 4 of my derbys. It will take a bit longer to take photos of the other hats, but if you are interested...
    The Habig-Melone with the Salzburg reference (my hometown) is wonderful!
    If you need information about Salzburg hatters you might get it here:
    don't know if iformation is free/if they do research on request or if you have to do it yourself.
    Don't know if you know this:
    or this: (first of three parts)
    or this:
    or this:
    or this, yiddish in Vienna, a gem in my opinion: see also here:
    and many more.

    Should you ever do a houseboat tour on the Canal du Midi in the south of France (which I did when the times were better for me) don't miss this in Le Somail (found it by accident at the time): Musée - vidéo dailymotion and:

    I suppose, too you know Hut Braun in Teisendorf, Bavaria (still in business - producing nice hats) without homepage or other new media presence - imagine this in the 21rst century!
    Thanks! I have many old Melonen.


    Also Homburg Hüte.


    Thank you offering to send me photos of your hats. I will send you a PM.

    I don't think I am aware of this Hutmacher (it's possible I can across her but have forgotten). I will definitely look through the videos.

    I got a chance to visit Gottfried Kiniger from Sillian a few years ago. He actually makes some of his felt. There is a great documentary film on him called "Der Hutmacher". If you want I can post it for download.


    I am aware of the Jewish Hutmacher (took over Szazi) in Wien but I have never held one of his hats. His prices are really astronomical!

    I think I might have come across Hut Braun. There are still a good number of individual Trachten makers. I have visited a few of them including Hutkönig Regensburg.

    I also visited Lembert Hutfabrik in Augsburg. They still have all the machines and blocks / flanges but only a handful of employees. It's like going back in time.


    Thank you for the information on Le Somail. I plan to do some hat tours in 2016 so will add this to the list!

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