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German cap

Article about: Does anyone recognize this cap? What does the insignia and label mean?

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    Default German cap

    Does anyone recognize this cap? What does the insignia and label mean?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German cap   German cap  

    German cap   German cap  

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    Default Re: German cap

    This is a modern Bundeswehr cap that has had what looks like a KM eagle put on the front. It's a very cheap attempt at faking a hat. It's worth about 3 dollars.

    That SS stamp is also completely bogus.

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    Default Re: German cap

    An awful attempt...............!


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    Default Re: German cap

    Is there anything authentic about it?

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    Default Re: German cap

    I don't know about the eagle, I am no expert on those, but it is certainly not original to the hat. The tri-color ring on top is original to the hat. That's the typical bunderwehr insignia you can find on any modern German headgear.

    The hat itself is a garrison cap used by the modern German army. Everything about the tag on the inside is real and original except all of the blue stamps.

    Whoever is selling this cap either is a very bad con artist or he got it somewhere else and he has no idea what it is.

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    Default Re: German cap

    So it's a modern hat made to look (poorly) like WWII vintage....

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    Default Re: German cap

    did u pay a lot for it?

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    Default Re: German cap

    It is an authentic post-war Bundeswehr cap, made-up to look sort
    of like a WWII cap by the addition of a repro national eagle.
    The date code on the label has been cut out. The cap is
    probably from the late 70's or 80's.

    For a better looking repro, the eagle and cockade should be reversed,
    with the eagle on the top - but the colours on the cockade should be
    red, white and black !


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    Default Re: German cap

    No, I didn't pay anything for it. It was part of my dads collection. I've got a German leather map case that I do believe is old and this was inside with some other items that I'll be posting.

    I'll be posting pictures of the leather case soon.

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    Default Re: German cap

    Take off the fake eagle and try and wash out the bogus stamps.

    At least then it will be back to how it should look.

    Cheers, Ade.


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