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Heer Cavalry officers schirmutze - Marke Standard Extra Klasse

Article about: One of my favorite makers.

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    I believe the first two posts about this particular hat were and I quote "I'm no expert", and "in my opinion" NOT.... "this is deifinitely a FAKE". Remember when asking for an opinion how does the old addage go "opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one" and they are intitled to it. I don't read any malice in their posts or criticisms. I believe even in Gary Wilkins book on headgear (and I'm sure Bill Shea @ the ruptured duck would concur) that this particular logo has been showing up a little too OFTEN for comfort these days. I also agree that the comment of being too new is totally incorrect and that near PERFECT examples of original caps are actually not difficult to find. I own quite a few "too new" examples that I've purchased from and had confirmed by quite a few of the guys who have been quoted in headgear books which I'm sure most or all of you on this forum OWN! By the way it is refreshing to see a legitimate example of this particular manufacturer FINALLY! Please keep the photos COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I WOULD SAY EVERYBODY GET YOUR BLOODPRESSURE DOWN, CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR TO 2 SIZES SMALLER AND ENJOY THESE POSTS AS I DO FOR THEIR EDUCATIONAL VALUE!!!!!

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