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Heer Chaplain's officer Schirmmütze

Article about: What is the approx. value of an original Chaplain's officer visor? Dave H

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    Default re: Heer Chaplain's officer Schirmmütze

    Looks like it could be OK- can wee see the deepest unfaded section of the piping. I do believe the one you show for comparison is actually TSD rather than transport...

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    Default re: Heer Chaplain's officer Schirmmütze

    Faded pipes is a long story, the pipe quality is not the same with different makers, a medical blue can be purple after a long sunlight moment...

    the only thing : take your pipe, move the pipe with your finger Under the pipe, and look the original color

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    Chaplain piped hats are extremely rare in my experience. Whether or not they are worth x amount more than any other waffenfarbe is down to personal choice though surely? Personally, I'm not interested in them and would rather pay extra for a high quality Pioneer which are also very hard to find.

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    Default re: Heer Chaplain's officer Schirmmütze

    Wow, I'm jealous. Beautiful

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    Default re: Heer Chaplain's officer Schirmmütze

    It look purple to me, though some medical shades of blue can have a purple tint to them when Farbfrisch, as the Germans say.
    I think this Exponat is a chaplain's cap, but I do not understand the rage for them, myself.
    The Wehrmacht in national socialism surely did not place a high effort in the chaplaincy.
    damit, basta.

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    Nice selection of caps !

    Looks purple to me on those pics as well so looking at a decent one for once is a treat ! Thanks.

    Value determined by what the buyer wants to pay...............they are hard to find especially as stoney says ones that have not been messed with.

    i would expect to pay a lot more than a normal visor personally.



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    Glad you think so. The riddles of colors are always an exercise. What is noteworthy is how nice the originals look in an unaltered state, the brightness of the colors and such. I have never owned an army Chaplain's cap nor see one that I can recall in real life.
    damit, basta.

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    In my early collecting days, I had a pristeen example of a Heer chaplain's visor cap. From my memory of that piece, I believe your piping color is correct for a chaplain's cap.


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    Bob is our Rock of Gibraltar ..! Perspective and experience are essential in all of this, all the more so when there are those who are enemies of such a thing and their noise here forms an intense distraction.
    damit, basta.

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    Please show a picture of the pipeline in the middle but from the back of the head.
    best wishes

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