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Heeres Kleiderkasse

Article about: as noted.

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    Heeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseNow the key here, of course, is those who got a clothing allowance as part of their pay and welfare.

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    The point of these organization was the management of this allowance and the credit extended so as to prevent steep debts. How contemporary.
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    To be sure, the bulk of Waffen SS caps with the Heereskleiderkasse or Offizierskleiderkasse mark are, of course, butchered items.

    But I am addressing the administrative realities of pay and such in war time, which are less straight forward than collector old wives' tales would suggest.
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    The Richtlinien über die Kreditbestimmungen make me think of the old K. u. K. Armee - the indebted officer (in this case indebted to his tailor(s) and not due to "debts of honour" which was also very frequent) must have been a horror vision of the GröFaZ who might have experienced both such conditions in his Vienna time. These Bestimmungen do still exist today in the Austrian Army as far as I know, there is/was a Bekleidungsbuch in which how many meters of which uniform-fabric, which cap(s) and which amount of money for the tailor (which can not be used for different purposes) can be saved like in a savings book. Officers in Austria still have the right to have their uniforms made to measure. I just wonder where they can find a tailor who can do the job properly. In my home town there aren't many left (if at all).

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    The problem of debt was a classic one in the officer corps of the old regime.

    There is also a Bekleidungszuschuss in the Bundeswehr. The Kleiderkasse der Bw was out sourced in the last decade and went bankrupt in a failed private-public partnership.

    Kleider machen Leute!
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    Heeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseOn this theme.

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    Heeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseThese items (green book) are excerpted herein (black book).
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    The green book is the German Army regulation governing pay, allowances, messing, and clothing as well as medical care for the wounded. It is much contained in the black books, which is the administrative handbook of adjutant general corps of the Waffen SS, to use a US Army phrase.
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    Heeres KleiderkasseHeeres KleiderkasseHere is what I found in the black SS administrative books. You tell me what it means.
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    There is no mention of the army clothing counter there in explicit terms.
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    Well, I had a go, without any guarantee for authenticity (there may be a better equivalent for "Uniformbezugschein" than "coupon for uniforms" and the other Fachvokabel). Feel free to correct me!

    11. Coupons for uniforms must not be applied for at civilian administrative offices.
    12. Coupons for uniforms entitle the purchase of the pieces listed in attachment 1 in free trade, from stocks of the forces and from members of the Kleiderkasse SS in their outlets. The articles available can be seen in the list of articles and prices of the Kleiderkasse SS which is to be sent to the departments.

    The SS clothing warehouse Dachau is not an entitled outlet.

    13. See C: coupon for uniforms
    14. The outlets cited in No. 12 may only hand over the goods listed in attachment 1 against the delivery of the coupons for uniforms.

    The coupons have to be provided with an acknowledgement of receipt by the allottee before being handed over to the outlet. In case of the acquisition of the goods by an authorized person both, the allottee and the authorized person, have to add their names to the acknowledgement of receipt. The allottee or the authorized person are obliged to state the selling price paid in the acknowledgement of receipt.

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    Bezugscheine are ration coupons. Textiles were rationed along with other consumer goods.
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