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Here comes the Cavalry!

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    In an issue upon which I do not want to dilate here, I have seen many hats from the heads of German and Austrian soldiers in the epoch from 1975 or so hence, and the beat up hat is a real sign of status and hard service.

    Such a thing is part of the way that one soldier can assess the other soldier as to his bona fides, whether he is worth a damn.

    I also spent time with people in starched fatigues, whose fussy emphasis on garrison appearance in the field uniform was a contrast especially to this institution here. The latter is very German.
    damit, basta.

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    Hi Ben , lovely cap with heaps of character, personally I would leave as is, apart from removing the white 'mould' from the leather sweat band

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    Thanks for the invite Ben ,it would be great to meet up again,in fact I have something for you which might help in your cleaning of caps, I just have to check that it works well first,, if it does I think you may well have a use for it , the benefit of this item is that its not chemical or invasive to materials, I will keep you informed of the results, as it could be very gentle on linings and stitchings , cheers Dave

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    Please do Dave, sounds interesting!v
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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    I think it's fair to assume that the owner of this cap I've acquired was certainly indeed worth a damn and the cap meant a lot to him.
    Why else would one continue to wear and repair such a battered bit of leather and trikot?
    That's very true, I used to wear my beret and was forever being told to change it because it was becoming threadbare, but if something is comfortable you become reluctant to change, to get away with it I used to brush in boot polish , which also waterproofed it :-)

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    Ben, I have to agree with everyone else--leave as is--it speaks volumes looking like it does.

    Hopefully you can reunite the other cap someday.

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