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Hitler Visor #4 (or 6)

Article about: by stonemint Arran pointed out that the CGM visor is not the Swearingen visor (which I thought it was). While I have been aware of the Swearingen visor for a long time, I was only tangential

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    Quote by Jon-Olav Holden View Post
    Who knows, it was by no means advertised as Hitler's wreath, just as stuff found in the Reichskanzlei garden. Talking about AH's hats, a collector i know also owns a AH visor, not a wartime one, but the brown one with the wreath. It came from Frau Winter at some point.
    Are you able to obtain pics and any more info? We now have pics of 6 different surviving Hitler visor caps, and it wouldn't surprise me if more came out from the shadows...

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    Circuit advertisement Hitler Visor #4 (or 6)
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    The Hitler visor cap is just a simple Mirage....

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    I have three photos of the hat, no photos of the lining or the inside. I would love to post them up, but the owner does not want any photos of it online, not until the day he might sell it. I can ask him again if i can post them, but i doubt it very much. The eagle and wreath is not direct embroidered on the hat, but individual pieces mounted on it, as seen on the other hats. And the 'paint' on the leather visor is rather cracked.

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    Craig Gottlieb had it today at the SOS show. It was in a huge case.

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    Post pics Justin !!!

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    Patrick- lets get a pic of you wearing Gottlieb's Hitler hat!

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    Ha sorry but there are no pics! I did get interviews by the OVMS though :P I forgot my camera so hopefully other people remembered theirs.

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    Hitler Visor #4 (or 6)Here is the picture Patrick did not take.
    damit, basta.

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    Found Hitlers Gear of History Hunter Hitler's Early Political Visor its being promoted on facebook at the moment, hitler Jacket and Visor Hitler's Party Rally Brown Shirt

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