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Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

Article about: i cannot go back to 1968/69 because I wasn't born yet But I recall the prices before the bloody Euro screwing our economy now: a common salary for a white collar in the late 80's /early 90's

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    Default Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    Worn by members of the HJ who helped on the Flak batteries.

    Also worn by the Pope

    HJ Flak helpers manned some of the anti aircraft guns defending the Reich and helped free men for the front.

    The cap made of Luftwaffe blue wool and is lined with rayon and is marked with the size (58), date (1944) and RB number. The maker is:

    Rbnr 0/2009/0004 Almi Unlform und Mutzenfabrlk. lnh. Alfred Mies Luxemburg. Their product operations were Herstellung v. Uniformen und Mutzen aller Art

    The diamond shaped insignia of the HJ is sewn to the front in "Bevo" woven form.

    These are still a reasonably priced piece of Third Reich headgear.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.   Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.  

    Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.  

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    Are they hard to find these days Adrian ,i wouldnt think there would be to many floating around , a good conversation piece to your collection , Raymond

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    very nice ! I'm in the middle of a deal myself for one of these babies ...

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    Hi Raymond, I paid £10 for mine many, many, years ago Not too hard to find. I have seen several for sale recently. Prices seems to vary between $300 to $400.

    One for sale here at $420 which is a little bit dearer, but the dealer is very trustworthy:

    Hi Matt, please post yours once you get it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    Hi Ade,

    deal just closed I will be able to post my cap soon
    I also agree with your quotation : you can get a nice one between $300 and $400. The one you posted from relichunter is very nice too.

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    better late than never ...
    here's mine. It looks like a clone of yours...
    front button is marked 1942 on the back

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    Hi Matt, very nice example. Worth waiting for to see.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    My memory of these ca. 1968/9 was that they cost fifteen bucks at a time when a perfect army officers cap for Panzer was thirty five dollars. However, with the march of time, tastes change as do the relentless market forces. Congratulations on your purchase.

    On the other forum someone posted a felt DAK pith helmet which I recall costing something like five to ten dollars in 1968 or so. I suppose such memories only irritate other people, but colleague Lumsden was reflecting on the virtues of 1973 as seen through the lense of the BBC.

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    You bring back nostalgic memories. I still have the late-war Luftwaffe M-43 cap that was FREE when you spent $3.00 for the Mohawk Arms catalogue, back in 1967.

    Bob Hritz
    Attached Images Attached Images Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap. 

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    Default Re: Hitler Youth Flak Helpers cap.

    There you are. I had the thing over priced. I recall mint Fliegerblusen without the gulls on the collar for Flak and Flieger at USD 25. All of the un used DAK stuff in its number, as well as Kammerexemplare (i.e. quarter master stores...) Tellermuetzen for the army at USD25 dollars, in essentially un used condition. This III. Reich regalia was anything but scarce. But the prattle of old men grates on the nerves of young people; and surely to each person, their discovery and acquisition has important value. The Sarrasanirock was also nothing special, as there were heaps of army parade tunics that had also some how made it through to the mid-1960s.

    Best wishes to Mr. Stevenson and surely because of the association of this regalia with the generation of the Flakhelfer, especially the most famous one from Bavaria, this kind of head wear is special.

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