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Just getting started.

Article about: Looking at most on this site, I may be a little out of my depth here. I have taking all your advice and bit the bullet an bought I hope some nice caps. Purchased 3 books to help with identif

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    Very nice and interesting caps. The Steiermark cap maker is especially interesting, or the Steiermark militaria retailer....
    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement Just getting started.
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    Very nice visor caps.

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    You are off to a flying start!

    Some very nice visors.
    Although I do not collect German items my self,
    I can always appreciate the very fine items many of you own.

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    Just getting started.Just getting started.
    Quote by Steven Macquillin View Post
    Thank you all for your kind comments, really looking forward to this year collecting German militaria. The icing on the cake will be my first SS cap. Long way off that will be, will be saving hard, want to buy a quality cap not just any old cap for the sake of it. The main problem I have is that there are no decent fairs around our neck of the woods here in Newmarket Suffolk so do not get the opportunity to handle items in person. After taking on board all the advice I have been given on this wonderful site, I now know how important it is to actually hold one of these caps in your hands and look and smell at all those years of wear and maybe action many of the caps have been through. The mind boggles.
    Thank you all
    To restate what Mr. Mint suggests, especially when it comes to SS peaked caps, do engage the peanut gallery here, since this kind of cap is the most treacherous for the beginner.
    There are a few sound sources, none of which is cheap. As my colleague suggests, the best way with this material is to keep touch with those collectors with the real items
    who then dispose of them.

    Mr. Mint also has assembled a heap of questionable or conflicted SS caps, as well as a smaller heap of more or less real ones.

    The grey SS caps are a particular realm of danger, but the black ones are no poem, either, if you do not know what you are doing.

    and there is no excuse for same, now, since you can easily get sound advice here.
    damit, basta.

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    Peter Jenkins has real SS caps on his site, as does Hannah's Reich. These are the UK sites that spring to mind for me. "Ulrich of England" does as well, I believe.
    I am not familiar with the bio-tope there, since there are many, many here who are.
    damit, basta.

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    You have chosen well. As for Your earlier "dud"?
    Well it reminds Me of the saying ...If We learn from our mistakes then Im getting a good education" lol

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    Just getting started.Just getting started.The life of the happy, successful collector is punctuated with duds.
    damit, basta.

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    The NYT had an article on "grit" the other day as a factor of intelligence and career success. That is, bourgeois success derives from the will to carry on despite set backs. The key with all of this is to wield knowledge against ignorance and to do so over a long time, without getting awfully distracted by the loud, bright, but also more or less meaningless hectoring on these sites. There is a minority of decent and helpful people, especially here. Our moderators allow us to operate free of falling objects
    and gunmen in the doorway, for which we thank them.

    There are so many details and arcane facts with all of this for the beginner, and much of what obtains as knowledge among a small circle of loud mouths is anything but.

    Once more, perhaps the best resource on this site is contained here:


    Your new caps are very nice. The best benefit of them is to take a lupe and examine them closely for fifteen minutes or half and hour and to do so every week.

    Do this often, and, in the process, the details become second nature.

    With this close analysis of the item in your mental reserves, the coup d' oeil becomes easier.

    Examination of the real thing strengthens the real critical faculties, whereas the digital pictures often are misleading and do not appear as the thing in real life.

    The "scull" images are especially misleading this way. That is, the nuisance SS cap badges.
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    damit, basta.

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    Default New additions.

    These are my latest additions to my cap collection. The Officers cap I actually got from this site. From a great guy called Ryan. My next is a Panzer cap which I hope is still for sale.Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.

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    Just getting started.Just getting started.Just getting started.Panzer caps....

    - - ------- - -

    You have made progress since your first post. Well done.
    damit, basta.

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