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Just got screwed again!

Article about: Sorry to hear this. This is not right. Members on WAF should be made aware of this issue to protect them from similar behaviour. Any genuine collector would have no hesitation in paying a 50

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    Guaranteed, I'll be sued for this but I really don't give a flick!

    I'll just sue you back! mother monkeys!!!

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    All bravado really, very upset about the whole thing actualy.

    Put so many hours into this cap.

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    great work...................... it is a shame that their is people like that out there.....................a guy like that needs his kneecaps busted

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    The guy actively posts over on the WAF. I know you walked away from over there, but you really need to call him out over this and start a thread on him. Show the work you did, the time you put in, etc.

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    Wanker...... Mate if you had done that hat to that standard for me, I would have given you more than the agreed price!!!

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    Sorry to hear about this situation. Unfortunately, collecting attracts a lot of low life individuals. Guys like this have no concern about retaining a good name. You never forget dealing with these type of people. He should change his name to Rollo Tomasi(for those of you who have seen L.A. Confidential).


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    Ben , sorry you got stung, happened to me several years ago , bloke i did a helmet for wouldnt pay me but he lived in Surrey , so i drove down to his house at 4am, sat outside his house and waited, he came out but couldnt move his car because i had put a wheel clamp on it, his wife came out with his kids for school, couldnt get her car out of the garage, told her what happened, she paid me cash on the spot and then gave him one hell of a mouthful in the street, turned out she was a copper, couple of months later the guy wrote to me and asked me to do another this time cash up front, you can imagine my reply. i dont think this guy will be able to take action against you , hes committed a criminal offence, pecuniary advantage, refusing to pay for services rendered.

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    Can't be bothered anymore Chris. I could name a dozen similar stories but no one is interested and plus, the more you tell them, the more people think it's all make believe. My favourite is when I sent a young collector in the US a Luft M43 cap for free. No word of thanks until a few months later when he said that his friends thought it was fake!!! Just priceless! not one word of thanks at all. Maybe you all remember the WAF thread? young collector who couldn't afford anything and was begging to have few things to study?

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    I reckon we should all flood his pm box with " reminders"

    Members here have been kind to me and given me stuff for free, and I have done the same back.

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    Hey Ben if it is any solace the guys on here are all well knowen to each other and you wouldnt expect any of that treament from the guys here. Mate i feel your pain. Maybe in future you can email them a pick of the completed work and send only when the cash has turned up. You did a realy Great job on that cap


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