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Luftwaffe tropical M41 officer's cloth billed field cap

Article about: I know these caps can be tricky to call, so interested in getting some comments re this cap, it came from a very well known and respected DAK collector and author who lives in New Zealand. H

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    I like it also and feel it would most likely have been made as part of a uniform all ordered at the same time from a Tailor

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    Circuit advertisement Luftwaffe tropical M41 officer's cloth billed field cap
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    Hi Bob, nice to see that you are still hunting beautiful tropical caps.

    The cap has a short bill and high crown which are typical characteristics of Lubstein. Since EREL is Robert Lubstein then for me is a good sign.

    Check also this field made cap which features the same kind of sweatband (grey leather) at the forehead area.

    I am sure that the cap costs several thousands of $ so if i were you i would try to get as more positive opinions as possible, from the DAK collectors out there. If you ever want to move it you will need to find someone of them, so if the opinions are divided, then it's gonna turn into a bad investment.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    I thought I'd post my thoughts on this one 'out in the big bad world' (edited, of course) after our private conversation.
    The eagle and cockade. You'd know more about these than I, but what I see I like. The re-applied cockade? Nice touch if it's fake, don't you think? (No sign of previously applied insignia?)
    The cap's twill. All good.
    The officer's piping. All good - is there evidence this is post-war piping?
    The short bill. They do exist and if a faker wished to make a copy then I would be more likely to accept a longer bill as opposed to a lesser known example. So - a point in it's favour. Very attractive (like the one Jeff is selling on stand - great cap!)
    The maker's logo and acetate lining. It appears this hasn't been removed from another cap and added to this cap. There would be a sewing line across the lower edge where the name tag slid through (I assume) if removed from another billed cap. Also the logo is 'stand alone' (no 'Standard' below or 'Offizier Kleiderkasse Berlin' above). Why - if replicating a known logo then a faker would go the distance and add one or the other. Yes, they do their homework and I think they might realize that putting one or the other on the sweatshield might give the game away...but this is too well done and noticeable as differing from the norm. Where are the other fake 'Erel' shields out there like this? Have you seen one, Bob?
    Grommets. Acceptable. They magnetic outer's show good splitting and the 'brassy' wash finish is know as a period version. The outer colour looks like enamel - am I correct? If so, great. Is it painted? You have it in hand so let me know your thoughts. The rusting looks good, too - not aged artificially.
    The lack of central stiffening seam. No problem at all. It's LW, not a Heer pattern, and a quick search online shows similar top panelled LW caps.
    I like the leather sweatband. The sewing looks good to me, while the lining also appears right.
    Over-all I like it. The whole thing shows a systematic, thoughtful process of manufacture geared towards the end user - an officer of high rank.
    Now - You know as well as I do that anything can be faked but if the timeline is as XXXX says then I would be very surprised if it is a fake. Where are the other fakes by this fabricator? Have you seen any more like this? You don't just make one then stop when you are onto a good thing. Same as the 'pink smocks', but that's another story!
    I'm a Heer cap collector so I can't be sure of my thoughts on LW caps, but I like what I see and I remember XXXX being absolutely assured of it's originality. That still counts a great deal for me, of course!

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    Great observations Mark, one fly in the ointment though 'Stonemint' thinks that the cello diamond by Erel is a known fake, or it is at least on the full size versions
    of the Erel logo, I have questioned whether or not the smaller logo may be one that stands a chance, as it is a smaller, thus different logo than the ones seen on the
    visor caps. Am awaiting a response on the query, Mark G also has reservations re this hat, so there is some resistance to it being a period made piece, I am still
    chasing comments as to the authenticity of the cap.....

    Thanks again mate,



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    Thanks Bob.
    I'm here to learn like everyone else. The Erel information is unknown to me as I do not study visored caps etc. Interesting, but when was the fake logo manufactured, and how does that fit into the caps provenance timeline?
    Keep Well - Big Day tomorrow.

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