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Marinebund visor cap

Article about: Got this from Germany today.. a nice minty Marinebund visor cap, unusual from what ive seen with the white cord, mostly seen with the NCO chinstrap...Beautiful Hat, well made with a deep Nav

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    Here is a Marinebund visor--note the lack of colored piping, and the Marinebund logo on the inside:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Marinebund visor cap   Marinebund visor cap  


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    Thanks guys...i got this from Klaus B. I thought this might have been a period put together as i thought the regulations on the Soldatenbund were a bit loose...ill have to ask Klaus about providence if any...the eagle looks like its been on there for do i completely make it Soldatenbund or keep the current Marine adler

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    There is the possibility that the maker ran out of silver eagles and used what was at hand, but a gold eagle would be pretty glaring at a meeting/rally.
    It cannot be a Marinebund due to the white piping, and the specific logo that was used only by them.
    The Soldatenbund eagles do pop up from time to time, and often in mint condition--it is just a matter of waiting.

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    agree it is an infantry visor for sure......also the ww1 vets could not join this organisation it was only open to retired military personnel who joined after 1921 and had served their 12 years service.

    Hope this helps.
    cracking minty cap btw, put the correct insignia on it to restore to its true form and your sorted.

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    Marinebund visor cap

    Here's one I bought..........they look and display very nicely so worth restoring it back to what it originally once was IMO.....

    Good luck.



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    Im trying to find an Infantry Eagle atm...I have the Soldatenbund Flag, Postcards, brest adler and Magazines..The reason i posted this as a Marine one apart from the gold eagle is that Klaus advertised it as Marine so i thought it must have had providence as a Marine Visor even though it was made as an Infantry one, if that makes is my flag, it is the unusual one where its white strip without the common red, i can only imagine the red denotes artillery? The IWM sent a letter saying mine with the white stripe was the only one they have seen as opposed to the red stripe..i have since found a period postcard with just the white strip and Mr Saris has the white one in a period uniform book..thank you all Gentlemen
    Marinebund visor cap Marinebund visor cap Marinebund visor cap

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    Hi, I know of one for on the way with address for you to take a look. cheers, tony

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    Thanks Tony, ill have a onto one atm but just waiting for an email from the store

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