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Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

Article about: I recall that the following type of marking was met with mixed opinions. Has anyone found any further information that would further support or dismiss this as an original period marking? CM

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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    In my experience, the earlier straps are thicker leather and less lacquer!

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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    Name:  attachment-2.jpg
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Size:  13.4 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	c342b.jpg 
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ID:	533370Name:  DSCN1096.jpg
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Size:  37.4 KBName:  DSCN1087.jpg
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Size:  36.4 KBFor instance.....the earliest black leather chin straps are unmarked. I also do not pry these things apart, either, truth be told. One error and there is no return to the virginal state as it were.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RD072611-64.jpg 
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ID:	533376Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WW2 German SS Uniform (63).JPG 
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ID:	533374According to Wim Saris the RZM/SS stamp on the peak appeared in 1935, whereas the Vom RFSS Befohlene Ausfuehrung regime.....viz: was undertaken in mid 1934, as indicated in the RZM circulars in detail.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RD072611-65.jpg 
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ID:	533375The RZM/SS stamp is widely faked today, of course. However, anyone familiar with the original is not so easily gulled. I enclose an original from a 1935/6 cap, with issue stamps from 1936. I have not looked at the back of the chin strap and have no plans to, either. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RD072611-62.jpg 
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ID:	533377
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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    Thanks to all for your thoughts on the subject. The marking on the chin strap at the beginning of the thread is what I was curious about. The pictured chin strap is from, what I can determine, a genuine item recently listed on the Von Lukacs site. The photos of this piece are convincing and I like the overall look based on what I can see. The chin strap gave me pause and made me take a closer look because, as I had posted initially, there were some mixed feelings about finding this marking on an original item.

    This marking is also found on the ersatz leather straps of some of the more sophisticated ground up fakes that have appeared in the last decade or so. Caution has been emphasized on this stamp in the past but I never received a definitive answer concerning authenticity. As of yet, no primary documents of the era have been presented to support or dismiss the general collector opinions of the subject stamp/marking that I am aware of. Arran has, from what I can gather, had above average exposure to genuine material and FB is well acquainted with these items. I appreciate both the opinions and the wealth of information gathered from the years of collecting and study.



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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    I wholeheartedly concur with FB regarding the removal of any chin strap, eagle, or "Scull" to search for these silly markings. This is solely a mental exercise to search for truths hidden within these discarded bits of slowly degrading regalia.

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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	531791d1372463908-markings-on-ss-visor-chin-strap-image.jpg 
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ID:	533430This document is from the year 1936. It is from the Herstellungsvorschriften d RZM, which itself was a compilation of many things in the circulars.
    Such contained very little on the SS in an explicit way.
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    Default re: Markings on SS Schirmmütze Chin Strap

    Our Dr. CMH is a pillar of our little community and we celebrate his curiosity. And we expect him to buy more things for his collection as he becomes more prosperous.
    damit, basta.

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    Greetings. This thread slipped beneath my radar and answers all my present questions . Thanks to Dr CMH and all others for their contibutions

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    Less likely to be found on a gray cap.


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