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Article about: F.B. Reichenbach is about 10 km (6 miles) away from me. If you want, I'll make a photo of the building. If it is still standing.

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    Your Wiener Hoflieferant here was in the XIII district, Hietzing, which is by Schoenbrunn and was also the high rent district in its day of the western suburbs that grew in the 19th century.

    I love Vienna.

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    damit, basta.

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    Yours is a fine question for which the answer exists in Ingolstadt and Berlin and also in Vienna in the respective military museums there.

    It also exists in Dresden in the Bundeswehr museum which is in the process of becoming the leading museum in Germany for military things.

    You should make a trip there and I shall make the introductions for you.

    In the case of the Bavarian museum, the Proben, i.e. the pattern examples given out to the contractors, seem to be in a good state of preservation. The volumes from Militaria Verlag that I have pushed here contain them.

    But I am not aware that Lubstein or Mueller or whatever had catalogs per se, like Assmann and the blades firms, since the nature of their business was different. But there was quite a market for extra items of clothing, so you are right to posit the existence of some means to propagate wares and compete for such business that existed in all major places and many minors ones. too.

    As luck would have it, by March I shall be better able to answer your query. Let us see what I can turn up.

    Merry Christmas, happy new year and happy Muetzenbodengolderei!
    F-B (and everyone else) Happy Holidays, and may you all have an even more successful collecting year in 2010!

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    Albert Kempf GmbH, a manufacturer of M43 caps, is still in business: Albert Kempf GmbH.

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    The issue of discontinuity with the above firm is its production outside Germany's borders. I imagine more so since the entry of central and eastern Europe into the western European economic system that ever less of 08/15 head wear is made in Germany, other than highly expensive specialty head wear of a distinct kind.
    damit, basta.

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    The Uniformenmarkt has a lot to say about the retail trade of head wear, as well as the goals and techniques of advertising specifically. The firms of Kupper, Lubstein, C Louis Weber and Wagner had omnibus, that is, joint advertisements for a while in Uniformenmarkt, especially in the years 1937-8. They described themselves as the leading industrial cap makers in Germany with a strong client basis and a long tradition. Kupper was the oldest of the four, it turns out and apparently the biggest.
    I get the impression that the extra expense of public relations was a contentious one, since much of the articles in UM describe the means of modern marketing and measures to make such efforts more effective.

    There is advertising for other head wear firms, as well, but on a very modest scale as befits the custom of the time and especially the Nazi response to commercial advertising on the US model, which was condemned and imitated at the same time.
    damit, basta.

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    FB, right before I left on vacation, I did do a little research on headgear advertising during the TR via internet only. I came up empty (I am still looking for an original Erel coffee mug) but did find that the civilian Hut makers advertised extensively:
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    Found this Michovius postcard on Ebay (they did not make visors, but purchased them from Schellenberg, Erel, et al):
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    Those are nice, but Hertie (which was Aryanized) was a major department store, whereas the firms we are interested in did not seem to have a budget for adverts in the manner you expect.

    Here is a sample of advertising from Uniformenmarkt, quite typical of the era and pretty modest by our Gulliverian standards. I draw this conclusion from reading many articles in UM as concerns the goals and techniques of advertising, which was also seen as American and foreign in the Germany of the era. That is, business practices of the era did not immediately result in the kind of glamor public relations we have come to expect as normal, or even as seems to have been engaged in, such as it was, but edged weapons people....who were concentrated in more or less one locale, versus the headwear industry and trade throughout the Reich. The history of advertising in Europe in the 20th century is very interesting and there are excellent books on the contrast of US and European practices of the time. I even own a handbook on Nazi methods of commercial advertising for which I paid a chunk of dough.

    Wilkins showed this, but not in context, that is, along with a lot of other really very small scale adverts entirely typical of the era. When you take things out of their context, then they make much less sense.
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    damit, basta.

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    UM also included examples of pleasing shop windows as a guide on how to retail in the urban setting of many German municipalities.

    There are many illustrations like this, which make us in the year 2009 go out of our minds.

    One of these retailers in Vienna in a neighborhood I know well had .... t e n t h o u s a n d hats in its store rooms for possible sale.

    10,000 hats in one retail outlet. I bet you reading this do not have ten thousand hats in your collection.

    I surely do not.

    Ziemlich unfassbar, nicht wahr?

    PS the shop window here is in Mecklenburg. Or was.....
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    damit, basta.

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    Another example of adverts in context in their variety. You can easily see that caps had no particular pride of place along with many other kinds of uniform and regalia makers, large and small.

    This is from the year 1937. But this sort of thing one would find in any of the newspapers and journals of the time.

    Anyone serious about regalia would do well to secure one of these CDs devoted to Uniformenmarkt.

    It is a real treasure.
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    damit, basta.


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