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My First Feuerwehr/Polizei Visor...

Article about: Greetings Friends, I actually managed to score this visor for 55 Euros -plus shipping- from Germany on yesterday! And although it has some damage in the rear, it's obviously an origi

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    I'm covered though, and he offers a money-back guarantee...

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    Circuit advertisement My First Feuerwehr/Polizei Visor...
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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    He offers a money-back guarantee...
    Glad to hear that Glenn. I was fooled as well. Thank goodness for members like Stonemint.

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    Glenn--the primary "tell" is the visor--they did not use injection-moulded plastic visors during the TR--only after.
    The rubberized waterproof interior is also a post-war creation. During the war, they used impregnated oilcloth, which is much stiffer.

    These immediate post-war civil caps can be a minefield.

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    Hi Glenn,

    take a look at the original wasserdicht insides - they have a specific structure and a specific colour and gloss. Then take the post-war examples and compare these to your cap.

    Although there were black visor backs they were either painted in black or raw Vulkanfiber. The upside always is lacquered - yours seems to be one piece of plastic without a layer of paint on the upside.

    But I think the price is not too bad for an early post war cap unless it was sold to you as an original TR cap.

    What concerns tight budgets we are colleagues, so I can understand you very well! I have almost given up the belief in lucky bargains - my last one happened some 30 years ago. That's why my collection of original TR caps is very very small. Take it easy!

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    Thank you all very much for your help! You saved me from being stuck with a stinker! I've already contacted the seller and the ball is rolling for my refund...Thanks again!
    cheers, Glenn
    On the bright side, now I can go shop for something else...

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