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Mystery Uniform Photo

Article about: SA

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    Default Re: Mystery Uniform Photo

    Almost certainly an academy or school of some sort. The 2 officers are decorated veterans and are both wearing wound badges, as would make sense as to why they would be instructors.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I do not have an immediate answer, but it is not political (school or else) anyway, as no swastika armband is worn.

    At first glance I would say it is a sort of factory guard (a concern that wished to spend money for the uniforms
    for their guards). I have seen this type of uniform before, but have then to consult my photographs. The eagle
    worn with the visored cap seems to be the pattern as in use fo state organizations. The person at upper right is
    without any doubt the driver for the buss, they came with!

    When having more time I will try to find out. No guarantee!

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    I'm very intrigued, and wish I could offer an answer! What I'm seeing is a nice, possibly doeskin, sattelform cap in very dark blue (?), with matching piping. Black (?) velvet cap band, bullion (?) wreath in alu, with alu metal civil eagle, alu cords. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

    Post script- Just awakened a dormant memory, and I'm now thinking that this is a DAF school, and these fellows with the visor caps are instructors, possibly including the Camp Commander. One fellow is certainly the equivalent of Standartenfuhrer/Oberst rank...

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    I searched in vain for any rank charts that may hold the clue to these mystery uniforms.

    The standard DAF rank chart doesn't really help (these were to be worn on the right arm):
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mystery Uniform Photo  

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    Default Re: Mystery Uniform Photo

    I love a good mystery! Ill get the popcorn and watch for a while..
    I especially like the lad with the eyepatch!

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    Default Re: Mystery Uniform Photo

    What uniform is the guy in the 4th row, far right wearing?

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    Obkrieger, see post 17: driver in civil.
    I meantioned before this is not school or whatever, and surely not political. No swastika armband is worn.

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    Default Re: Mystery Uniform Photo

    The lad with the eyepatch is actually fairly significant, as it shows how extremely diverse this group is. They have everything from very young boys, to old men and even disabled people with handicapped eyesight. It's difficult to think of an organization that would include such a diversity of members. Interesting photo.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I believe this group foto is of the Military Orphanage in Potsdam. From 1933-38 operated by NAPOLA, 1938-45 became part of the Wehrmacht. New uniforms were manufactured in 1939 which where a sort of tan and dark blue if I recall correctly. The odd man out with the leather cap, I believe to be a maintenance man or bus driver.


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    Welcome to the forum, Marcus.
    My thought was NAPOLA as well, but as others have mentioned, they are not wearing armbands.
    Interesting poing about the DAF driver.
    Intriguing age diversity and also interesting that one person has an eye patch.
    An organized factory guard might no be a bad stab at a suggestion, as others have mentioned, but most in the pic sure are young for that.

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