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Newbie - Hello and a question?

Article about: The majority of the troops shipped to Africa wore their continental uniform. They were later issued the light weight tropical uniform. There is no reason to doubt your grandfather obtained t

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    Default Newbie - Hello and a question?

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I have to say what an informative and well designed site this is.

    The reason I have dropped in here is to find some answers if possible.
    My late grandfather was stationed in africa during the war, and on his return brought back a german side cap. This has been in my possession for a number of years.

    I would be interested to learn a little more about it, in particular the meaning of the badges and any clues to the possible rank/occupation of the original wearer. The Eagle badge is silver embroidery on dark green. The "target" is on a green diamond and the arrow is red silk.

    Also, it would be helpful to know if these items have a relative value, for example, should I include it on my household insurance or are they relatively easy to replace?

    many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    looks good, enlisted artillery?

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question? I was looking on a site and I found a reference to red as being Artillery, but that also suggested the eagle badge of being that of an officer?

    Thanks for your reply, I can see from reading a few other threads that unlocking the history can be quite a task!

    It is good BTW, for a 60 year old cap it is in amazing condition, both inner and outer, thankfully those moth balls my grandparents insisted on worked, made the house smell though!!

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    Your cap is a forage cap for the Germany army in field grey wool (versus the cotton used in Africa and other tropical climes) an enlisted man of artillery. If the eagle is woven of aluminum wire thread, then it is that of an officer; if it is white or grey cotton woven, it is for other ranks. The model cap was introduced in 1934 or so. I think the national eagle insignia is in grey woven material, suggesting a cap made during the early years of the war. These things sometimes have makers' stamps and a date. I am not expert in these. I cannot give you a price, They are now heavily faked, too, and I am not an expert in those either. This kind of cap was replaced by one with a peak or brim or visor as the war progressed.

    Someone here will correct my mistakes, surely.

    Congratulations on your nice cap and we thank providence for moth balls. As a collector of old woolens for nearly 45 years, I am addicted to the smell, which surely has added to my already impaired brain.
    damit, basta.

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    Hi Simon

    Friedrich is right!!!
    You got a really nice M34 Arti. soldiers' Side cap, not officers'.
    The red piping beside the three colored circle was its unit color
    Red meant artillery unit....the three colored circle (red Black white) is the national color for TR period of Germany.

    BTW. officers' sidecaps have silver piping around the top of the cap, your example doesn't have this cherector, it suggest for soldier.

    About the value of your example, I would say 500 bucks for this one.....there is no need to insurance......keep this into the dry closet is fine enough....

    I only insurance my SS stuff in the future


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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    Hi guys,

    Thanks alot for the information, It does make me wonder where my grandfather got the cap from, I wish he was still around to ask!

    Heres a couple more pics which show the badges a little more clearly and the condition overall.

    I have to say though, looking at some of the collections people have here, it is a shame that this cap wil spend its time wrapped in a box! I'm starting to think it should maybe belong in a collection.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Newbie - Hello and a question?   Newbie - Hello and a question?  

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    It's entirely possible you grandad did pick it up in Africa. Tropical uniforms were hastily put into production for the campaign and were in short supply.

    This is a nice honest cap and if it were my grandads, I'd buy a display head to put it on and try and keep it in the family for as long as you can.

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    Nice cap. You are does belong in a collection...yours! If this hat belonged to your grandfather you should hold onto it as a piece of your family history.

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    Hello Marvinuk, Great looking cap !, are there any makers makings or dates on liner of cap ??

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    Default Re: Newbie - Hello and a question?

    more pic please, looks nice...yes....

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