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panzer beret

Article about: by John Brandon The insignia on this Beret, has been discussed on another forum and with which result? I know army cap embroidery to an ok level, but I am not an expert, really. You could te

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    just visiting this old thread on the panzer beret. i never found a inner crash helmet, though my beret may be available.....soon.? just putting that out there.

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    Closest I'll come to owning one.panzer beretpanzer beret

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    These used to go in the 5-figure range: Militaria Forums

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    Wow, any reason for the drop?

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    I think these things were over-hyped by dealers due to their rarity, and the fact that they were panzer, and collectors bought into that hype.
    From an aesthetic perspective, they do not have the desirability of a visor, crusher, or M-43 (which were all worn in tanks).
    Really, they were sought by the specialist collector who had to have every variant, and with the advent of the recession (and the graying of the hobby), you are not seeing the same level of interest (or the same level of funds).

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    Just posting a nice period photo for everyone.
    panzer beret

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    Collect what pleases you and resist the aspiration of others to dictate taste.

    I proceed from the assumption that the aesthetic and emotional predominate over some Adam Smith balderdash about the rationality of the market.

    I see no rationality when it comes to the collection of military regalia, as if it were the subject of management science. Hardly.

    National socialism and its concept of war are totally irrational and constituted of the role of psychology and politics as in Clausewitz.

    If you do not see this fact, then look more closely at the images you see.

    I miss the Pz Schutzmuetzen I sold. They had their poetry.

    The having of old things is completely engulfed in longing, nostalgia, myth, and human frailty. These things can be expensive, you know. panzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beret

    The biotope of collectors and their gyrations defy easy generalization, and such a thing is prone to high subjectivity.

    The German in his or her tank is enduring a renaissance, and the Pz beret will always stand at the dawn of said phenomenon.
    damit, basta.

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    and do let me say this: I do not go to the SOS and the MAX. I never have, and am not going to start now, especially as I am also grey.
    I work at a demanding job despite my senior years, and travel a lot in fading health.

    I see a waxing interest in national socialism,war and the epoch of the world wars in all its variety, both as a historical theme and as a subject of nostalgia, aesthetics, relics and such.

    This process is manifest in the internet. To me, this process hardly augurs for the collapse of the regalia market. I do not know what such a thing means

    for the MAX and SOS hierarchies among US Americans of a certain age and social station who are in the midst of the downdraft of globalization, but what I see here is pretty incredible when I consider the world in which I started in the 1960s. I am in daily contact with younger collectors eager to buy.

    Even if the Chinese bourse becomes less fiery, the globalized aesthetic grip of national socialism on the world's mind is unbroken.

    When I was a kid, there was surely no Indonesian bar with the jeunesse dore garbed in the Waffen SS uniform....

    I have never treated these thing as an investment. Those who do are usually so poorly informed, anyway, that they make poor choices.

    Happy hats.
    damit, basta.

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    Wie heisst es denn nun? Schmal denken, breit fahren!
    damit, basta.

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