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Polizei Crusher Feldmutze Alter Art

Article about: much as I hate to be disagreeable, I am on the subject of the posted Police crushers, and Po crushers in general. I for one, and maybe the only one, can find no serious fault with

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    Thanks Ade,

    I was kind of hoping for some discussion based on the materials I added. I'm not a cap guy per se, and I do not mind skeptics as long as they don't just offer a four word response and that's all you get.

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    I'm fascinated by the envelope from the RZM in Munchen.

    Up until very recently, I owned some RZM licence agreement documents including an envelope sent to an enameling firm called Edelmann. I posted a thread about them here a while ago because it's quite rare to find anything of this sort.

    I'm no handwritting expert but I'd say it's written by same hand. Have a look.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polizei Crusher Feldmutze Alter Art  

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    Personally, I like Richard and Stefano's crushers. The wall chart for the Polizei does not refer to these hats as "alter art", but as a "hausmutze".

    They did exist, but are very rare. PO officers had a plethora of headgear to choose from--the Tschako, the Schirmmutze, the Schiffchen, and the M-43's, but most seemed to prefer their standard visors.

    Note the vent screens--these are typical of PO, and I cannot think of any other organisations that wore this type of vent
    (they are the same as seen on the Shakos).

    Count me in as a believer.
    “Show me the regulation, and I’ll show you the exception.”

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    Hi Chris, thanks for the extra info. Very interesting. I believe in them now I have been educated.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Surely combat police was used different styles of the caps, even the field applied insignia, could be wrong placed, as we all have seen period pictures with applied breast eagles to the headgear. There so many starnge items can be discowered if we'll learn all the combat worn pieces, which was worn by combat veterans who was in the trenches almost 2-3 years.
    It is our point of the item look- we know the regulation and we want to see "textbook" items which are perfectly fit to regulation, but the peoples during the war made your own style, which could be absolutely different from the accustomed items .
    I know some collectors who assembling the mannequin with the exact color sheme of the cap- tunic - trousers. But IMO it's a bit foolishness, and have nothing in common with history, as the same if you will buy and wear exact color and fadeness jeans and jacket....

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