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Possible SA Man's Kepi?

Article about: Any other opinons/evidence on these types of Kepis? Thanks!

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    Default Possible SA Man's Kepi?


    I recently purchased a grouping German hats and this SA-type kepi was included. I was told it is original and tend to believe this dealer as all the other items I have purchased were great quality originals. That being said, he gave me little info and I have been having a hard time figuring out what exactly it is. The kepi made of light weight cotton/summer type material and is rather thin. I initially thought it to be a SA Gruppe Suedmark summer weight kepi, but the eagle and strap throw me off. For one thing, the eagle is facing left. I have seen police, Hitler Youth, and Political eagles identical to this one online. Also, the chinstrap has two buckles rather than three. The material is faded with age, but behind the eagle insignia, the fading is far less, which gives me the notion that the insignia was originally on this hat. I also see no signs of any other insignia having been there either (i.e. other holes). I am tempted to take the insignia off to look for any stampings (i.e. RZM), but thought I'd ask here first.
    The interior is really rather basic. It has a simple leather head band as well as a cardboard-like material that allows the cap to keep its form. The rivets on the side are attached to this liner. I should also add that the hat has seen a considerable amount of use and has a good amount of sweat staining throughout. I do not see any tags or stampings of any sort. Is this an SA kepi or something else entirely? Does it possibly tie back to the police or Hitler Youth? I have seen photos of Hitler Youth members/leaders wearing kepis. Or is it a total fake? Any thoughts, comments, or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    I think you will find that this kepi is fine despite the one or two discrepancies you mention. I am not an SA collector but I do remember coming across these years ago. Apparently, upon the Anschluss there was a rush to get Austrian units back into uniform and these kepis were virtually thrown together. The are usually quite flimsy and I am sure that the badge and chinstrap are the result of this rapid adjustments to political expediency.
    Anyway, that's the story as I recall it.

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    Thank you very much! That does shed some light on the issue. Is it not true that the strap would normally be a three buckle construction? In your opinion, what type of eagle is on this hat (i.e. political, police, etc.)? Also, would it be worth my taking the eagle off to see the backside? Would something like this be stamped?

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    I just found a thread on these types of Anschluss hats on the Wehrmacht Awards forum. It is an older thread, but it did confirm the information you provided and there was a photo of one just like mine. It looks like the pink color has actually not faded as much as on others. Does anyone have any idea on value for these hats? What do they usually go for?

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    Yes, looks like that is the Südmark kepi. Eagle is wrong for that cap, it's a railway eagle and also the chinstrap used is not as must be. Take a look in this thread
    Kepi itself looks nice and authentic

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    On the Whermacht Awards forum, I found a thread on these hats:
    SA Kepi opinions please? - Militaria Forums
    . Didn't want to put the link here, but had no other choice. There is one listed that is the exact same design as mine and a second that is also similar. What is different from the one you posted is that these are a lighter weight and are made of cotton. From what I understand, and what was explained to me above, they appear to have been made this way as there were not enough hats for when the Anschluss occurred. Anyone have any ideas on value or rarity?

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    I think completed cap between 800-1100 eur, but I'am not sure

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    Thanks Dimas! Any other info or input that anyone else could provide would be great!

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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    I am aware of these kepis on the market since I began collecting in the mid 1950's. I have also heard the theory that these caps were hastily put together for Austrian SA men when the Anchluss took place. The problem is I have never found anything to document this theory nor have I ever seen any period photographic proof of the use of these form hats in use. Therefore, I doubt the story and would not want one in my kepi collection. I believe it likely that these may have been produced for a post war movie or theatrical production. They also could be out and out fakes. The lack of proper chin strap and usage of the incorrect eagle, which should not have been any problem to obtain in 1937, even on short notice, will always lead me to believe these are not what they appear to be.


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    Default Re: Possible SA Man's Kepi?

    Bob, how about that kepi, I'am 100% sure it's a period one


    my Skype: warrelics

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