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Quiz time.......

Article about: I shall post a separate thread tomorrow to explain why this cap has very important features that allow us to analyse the development of the Army peak cap in terms of changes to its manufactu

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    There's a tasteless joke somewhere there about TR Easy Bake ovens, however I won't be the one to say it.

    I've got five bob on it being a cap


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    Circuit advertisement Quiz time.......
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    Gwyneth Paltrow's head?

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    A part of my old girl friend ?

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    There are no body parts in this parcel. It is time to answer the first question...

    Having just come off the cake tin site from which I have ordered a very nice set which I am assured will be delivered by Sunday...........I can reveal that the box contains....

    Quiz time.......

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    The tension is killing me
    Is it a luftwaffe cap?

    Cheers, Pat

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    A cap !

    Okay question two of three.

    The question is in three parts and you have to get the three answers right to guess the cap:

    1) which era is the cap from: a) Imperial b) weimar c) Transitional d) third reich ?

    2) colour of the piping: a) white b) black c) pink d) red ?

    3) Branch of service: a) Infantry b) panzer c) pioneer d) artillery ?

    Godd luck with your mix and matching !

    The third question will be a written response rather than multiple choice.......



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    A Nazi Hamster?
    Barack Obama's trousers?
    The first ever black coloured toilet tissue?
    A cuddly crocodile toy?
    Bon Jovi's greatest hits cd?
    A colostomy bag?

    Sorry, my mind wonders when I'm waiting for things like this...

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    answers are:

    era: c) transitional between reichswehr and TR

    piping: c) pink

    branch of service: a) infantry of course ! .......but why ?

    Quiz time.......



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    That is one Beuatiful cap Tony, Its just amazing.

    Congratzz, Pat

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    Nice pz cap ! I wait other details !!!

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