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Reichleiter visor

Article about: New addition to my Political Visor collection--- A super rare direct embroidered Reichleiter visor

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    Thought I would report on some research I have done on this topic. I totally agree with Wim's analysis of the wearing of the bullion wreath on NSDAP visors for those authorized to wear embroidered collar patches is allowed. I have shown my examples of these visors in threads on this forum "" NSDAP Mint Direct Embroidered Form Four "". The point that I was trying to make with my statement that 23 people could wear a "Reichleiters"visor with bullion "piping" around the cap band and crown of the cap-was that these visors were worn by the high leaders (Reichleiters and Ministers) I put the question out to all the knowledgeable visor guys that I know- in this forum,other forums and knowable dealer/collectors " Is the bullion "piping" on visors restricted to Reichleiters and Ministers of the NSDAP?" General consensus was that everyone felt that bullion piping was restricted to Reichleiters and Ministers. BUT-no one had any written proof or any evidence in the regulations to verify that generally held belief. I PM'd Wim with the question-His response was that he could find no mention of bullion "piping" in the regs. I contacted Jeff Clark( a notable NSDAP collector/dealer) asked the same question-He contacted a friend in Germany that researched the regs and responded"I just checked my files and found no regulation that could answer the question. None of the files I know describe more than the color of the Reich-level visors as "golden yellow". No hint of material used." So, here is another one of those mysteries where we have period color pictures clearly showing Bullion piping being worn by High ranking Reichleiters and Ministers of the NSDAP but we have no mention in the regs of the requirements to do so.. So then I asked the question"Are there any period color pis of any other rank wearing bullion piping on a NSDAP visor?" The answer is "NO"-At least all the people that I know that are very knowledgeable on this subject have never seen a period pic of any other rank wearing bullion piping. And there is another factor that I think is in play as well. The mere rarity of these visors- I know of three that are real! It stands to reason that if anyone authorized could buy one -Why wouldn't there be more examples out there? There are many direct embroidered "golden-yellow" Reich visors known of but precious few Bullion"piped" examples. So,in conclusion, I still feel the same about who could wear these Bullion "piped"visors- But there is NO absolute proof except the the period photos showing High Ranking officers wearing Bullion"piping" and the absence of any period photos showing any other ranks doing so!
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    Thanks Wiki. So, after all no definitive answer. I quoted just from the available regulations.
    The word bullion piping or "Ministers of the NSDAP" is not mentioned in any regulation about political leaders.
    The only thing which can proof the bullion piping, would be finding actual letters from the Reichsleitung in
    relation to the worn headgear. But where?
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    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Just forgot:

    I always wondered why they did not follow procedures as they had done for years with other organizations.

    For example the golden piping for the highest SA-leaders (OSAF 1a Nr. 1679/31 from April 22, 1931) was phrased
    as Goldschnur;

    for the highest HJ- leaders visored caps it was phrased as 3,0 mm goldene Deckelbiese with the uniform-
    regulation from January 15, 1934 ("Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ"). Here it was specifically stated
    Abteilungsleiter, Führer des Stabes and so Reichsjugendführer;

    for Luftwaffe generals visored caps they phrase it as 2,0 mm Goldschnur (Gespinstlitze) with the uniform-
    regulation (Anzugordnung L/Dv. 422) from November 11, 1935. Generals were for example: Generalfeldmarschall,
    Generaloberst, General der Flieger etc., Generalmajor

    for army generals visored caps they phrased it as 2,0 mm goldene Vorstösse with the uniform-regulation
    (Anzugordnung H.Dv.122-A from November 14, 1934;

    for the RAD highest leaders (General-, Obergeneral and Reichsarbeitsführer, so more than one rank) it was
    phrased as 3,0 mm Litze (piping) from Goldgespinst. As such it was mentioned in the "Bestimmungen über
    Form und Ausführung" from April 27, 1939.

    And so I can continue with many other organizations. It would have been in line when it was done for political leaders
    also (see more then one function as with HJ, RAD and/or Luftwaffe). So it would not have been uncommon that within the
    PL organization more then one rank/function would have worn such a golden piping. I gave you the functions. Knowing
    my regulations for me it is not strange when more functions/ranks would have worn the golden piping. It is just a fact
    we haven't seen it. But when we haven't seen it, it does not mean it has not existed? I see "nearly every day" things that
    I wasn't aware about!
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Default Upgraded Pics of the Reichleiter visor

    Reichleiter visorReichleiter visorReichleiter visorReichleiter visor
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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