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Reichslevel Visor

Article about: Goldgelb(Golden-yellow) piping for the highest level in the Political Leader ranking - great hat with lots of character, RZM tag under sweatband. Horst

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    Bob is correct. There are at least 3 colors for Reichsleitung:

    1. Goldgelb. (Golden-yellow). This is the only color officially recognized in the RZM regs for Reichsleitung. It is the most commonly seen color on Reichsleitung visors. It is the same color as that for WH-Cavalry. (It is seen on Bob's pre-war Ordensburg visor.)

    2. Zitronengelb. (Lemon-yellow.) This is is seen on the wartime Ordensburgen hats from Vogelsang. It is the same color used by WH-Signals. (It is seen on Bobs wartime Ordensburg visor).

    3. Orangegelb. (Orange-yellow). This is seen on few Reichs-level caps, and is seen as the shoulder-board color for some pre-war Ordensburgen tunics. It is seen on Bob's Form III Reichsleitung visor.

    These are distinct shades, and as Bob, Jeff Clark and myself have discussed, there is a method to the madness, and as we all know, during the TR everything was deliberate. (I don't believe for a second that these were maker dye-lot variations.)

    To further complicate things, there are 3 distinct shades of velvet:

    1. Chocolate-Brown. This was authorized for the Form 2 visors. (M-34)

    2. Light-brown (hellbraun). This was authorized for the Form 3 visors (m-36).

    3. Rust-brown (rostbraun). This was authorized for the Form 4 visors (m-39).

    However, I have a visor in my possession that is clearly a Form 4 with a chocolate-brown visor, and orange-yellow piping. Jeff, Bob and myself belive it is specific to Reichslager fur Beamte leaders, who wore Reichs-level piping with chocolate-brown tabs.

    In any event, if anyone has detailed information or RZM regs on these changes in Reichs level caps, please enlighten us.

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    Here is what I am talking about. This is a Form 4 (not an upgraded Form 3) with the Orange-yellow piping and Chocolate-Brown velvet (not hellbraun):
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichslevel Visor  

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    Heres another Reichslevel in my collection light brown band and light gold/yellow piping.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichslevel Visor   Reichslevel Visor  

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    On a personal note, I like the more orange-yellow of the 2.. I think it is better complemented by the browns of the NSDAP.. (Of course, both take a back seat to the maroon of the Gau in that regard.)

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    Is anyone aware of any regs that specify a brown chincord in lieu of yellow celleon/gold bullion (as here)?:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichslevel Visor  

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