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Robby Wilson's Headgear Collection Being Auctioned by HH

Article about: Gents-- The late Robby Wilson's headgear collection is being auctioned by Hermann Historica. Robby collected headgear from just about every country, and as many of you know, he published 2 b

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    Stony- Do you like the High-seas ferry Service?Maybe- we should consult the HH to not do this at tax time_-
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    Circuit advertisement Robby Wilson's Headgear Collection Being Auctioned by HH
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    I have had a chance to go thru some of the visors. Some are stinkers, but most appear to be good.

    Watch their condition rating system--they use one like the old Manions catalogs, from IV (relic condition) to I+ (mint).
    I have seen some significant mothing on some of their mint-rated caps.

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    Does anyone know if the headgear is here in the US, or has it all been shipped over to Germany? If in the US, where is it located?

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    Default Robbie Wilson Collection

    the collection is for review at the SOS.pretty incredible.
    looking for Mint Early form 2,3 Political visors

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    The auction information says it is their first US auction and shipping is based on US prices. There are a few items i am interested in, the estimates are all pretty erratic, I wonder if those are also the reserve prices??? It is a pretty mixed assemblage in terms of quality really, some nice, some duff and many just average.

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    If all are straight, there are some awesome head gear in that collection-not the least of which is Omar Bradley's visor hat....There seems to be some pieces missing, though, as I know that he had some caps that are not listed....Maybe some cherry picking ahead of the auction?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hello, I have been following the thread for a while, as well I have reviewed the online catalog. I wish I could be there to inspect in person....but with that many items I would need a month and a half off work just to do so Im afraid lol. I was wondering what others opinions are on some of the Helmets listed. There appears to be a few question marks at some of the helmets I glanced at. For example there are a couple German Winter Camo Helmets up for auction. There arn`t enough pictures to really evaluate these items. there is a magnifying glass option when you hold your cursor over the picture but yet it doesn't show that large of an image as well. Just wonder what some opinions were on the two lots:

    No.0467 and No.0456
    I wanted to post pictures but the auction website wouldn't allow me to save the pics individually.

    From what I had studied or understood white paint doesn't hold its bleach color. Over time it fades to a dirty pink. Maybe I have misunderstood what I reviewed, but to me the one helmet is so white it looks like it was painted yesterday. Was just wondering what some other opinions are and what is to deem winter camo original. Appreciate the comments,

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    There were 2 kinds of paint used in winter time--egg based casein / water soluble tempera white wash as we call it, and oil based enamel. Oil base does in fact yellow with time (as does tempera) and can weather check as well. It is very permanent and was usually painted over when the change of season came. With white wash, it could be scrubbed off and often leaves traces on a helmet--around vent bushings etc.
    I'd be skeptical of a very white helmet too, but, sometimes collectors will clean a piece and remove patina and original dirt in a heartbeat. It doesn't change the originality but is certainly a turn off.

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    Thanks for the clarification Nigel. Much Appreciated

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    The only good thing about being a starving artist is that I can't afford to take a chance if I want to keep the bills paid. No worries about buying a clever replica.

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