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Robby Wilson's Headgear Collection Being Auctioned by HH

Article about: Gents-- The late Robby Wilson's headgear collection is being auctioned by Hermann Historica. Robby collected headgear from just about every country, and as many of you know, he published 2 b

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    Stonemint,That is a big problem with HH and Andreas Thies they never show the interior.How the heck can you bid on there caps with one damn photo.Far as I am concerned the vat,shipping ,commission are much to much.Also if you try to return an item you will get a hassle as a friend of mine did several years back.

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    relicz,You got that right.What guarantee do you have that after all the monies you lay out you will get a 100% piece.HH and Thies have a number of bad pieces.Don't care what they say I trust no dealer or auction house.If you want to see garbage try Auction Zips Affiliated Auctions with "AS IS" no return a real scumbag bunch of swill they put on!!To me after 44 years of collecting most of the mentioned capable of screwing you out of your money.Their are agency's who can contact these sob's,but don't hold your breath that HH and Thies will return you money.Why can't these big collectors use a different venue then these squeeze the hell out of the collector community or is this to fair.Remember buy the piece not some story!

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    So basically its to be expected that the white snow camo on the 2 helmet lot numbers I posted is too good to be true, that it was added by someone who wanted to turn a buck years ago ?
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    There is a lot going on with the Robby Wilson Estate - Key word Estate. Many players involved, many owed money by the estate. Be very careful about what you are bidding on. There were a lot of bad helmets and visors in his collection which he picked up early in his collecting career. The latter part of his collecting he had a mentor with integrity - hopefully these are the visors up at auction.

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    I wish to amend my post of 3/24 2014.I went online and saw the Robbie Wilson collection on Hermann-Historica.Their are several photos of each cap and that was my error!Some great caps,but there are some losers in the collection.Overall its a great collection,but between the large commission,shipping and whatever else they stick on I am not a rich guy to bid on this stuff!To bad the Robbie Wilson estate choose to give it to H.H.Maybe some of you guys would be able to pluck a piece or two out of the collection.These auction houses H.H. and Andreas Thies in Germay are to high and mighty and the add on's suck!Just my opinion folks

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    Understood what your saying goodbuys, either way its pretty amazing to look at the catalog and see the variety that was amassed in that collection.

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    Just received the results of the Robby Wilson collection.For those interested the visor cap of General Omar Bradley sold for 11,500 euros.Of course most of the guys here are interested in the German pieces.Some of the SS material sold and their were surprises here and there.If you don't have the catalog i assume you can check them online and get the prices realized also.I a not positive about that.A beautiful Tropical Admiral visor lot# 420 sold for 7,200 euros.It was a mint piece and I had never seen a Kriegsmarine Tropical cap for an Admiral before.Nice to have money for pieces like that.

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    Ya the catalog on the HH site shows the sale prices. Must admit there all over the map. A few items I was looking a ranged from 320 Euro to 6000 Euro. Theres also a list of top 10 sales. A M42 Tropical field cap topped 6000 Euros.

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    The results of the HH auction are a classic example on why I am reluctant to give values. A LW General Erel goes for only 2100 Euros, while a LW Doorman's visor goes for 3600?

    I was somewhat surprised at how flat the prices were for WH visors.

    I always used to take solace in how affordable the civil stuff was--now prices seem to have gone insane, at least by the results of this auction....

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