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RZM tags

Article about: This is the sort of RZM tag for SS caps introduced around 1938. These are faked, of course, and some are faked with great skill nowadays because such fools as I have posted too many clear im

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    Always pay close attention to stamps. In this case, this is likely the leather good maker's stamp and date in a Wagner officer's cap made in 1939. The tag from this cap is at the start of the thread.

    As I wrote above, since we have started posting this important data in about 2001, the quality of fakes has improved radically. At least it seems so.

    I hope this data is of use to honest and upright souls in the leading countries of this world. Pfui to the fakers.
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    Quote by milan12 View Post
    I think from Hanover
    Thank you. It may well be. I have it somewhere.

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    Also, as regards these Sonderanfertigung caps, the use of the RFSS tag seems to have been phased out as of 1937/8. That is, one does not apparently see the RFSS tag in the Muetzenboden after 1937 or so. I believe all these nice Bevo cloth VA and RFSS tags were given up then. I am sure this was as a cost cutting measure and also because of the Four Year Plan's imperative to save raw materials.

    Sorry this image is lousy, but it shows said tag in a cap made about 1935 or so. It is a Kornacker from Magdeburg, which is not especially far from Hannover. A lot of SS caps were made in Lower Saxony and Saxony Anhalt, in fact. Why? Was this to compensate for the contracts given around Munich and Bavaria with the location of the RZM and SS there?

    Dear Friends, surely one of you knows the answer and even has all the VA SS RZM documents in nice folders you want to share with us?

    Or one of you knows the 104 year secretary to the Reichszeugmeister with the photographic memory and all the Proben at home for all 5000 items in the VASS price list? Doesn't she live in Muenchen-Bogenhausen? Or Richard Strauss Platz?

    It seems as if it is easier to find old pieces of Wehrmacht armor in Polish bogs than to find the material I have described above.
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